• ***

    In my dream,
    *** is a comely girl with
    brown ponytail.
    She plays piano.... more »

  • A Charming Tale Of Love, Chivalry, Trust And Hope

    the one who must not be named.
    the one who anonymous loves.... more »

  • A Horse With No Name

    A mild breeze is blowing along the vast grassland,
    the sun is glowing brightly above the grassland,
    a horse is careering quickly in this immaterial area.... more »

  • After School

    Where is the light in the garden tonight?
    Students have gone,
    and teachers are not here.
    I walk around, nobody is here.... more »

  • Alma Mater

    It is a redbrick college,
    I have an exquisite feeling on it.
    It is a tranquil afternoon,
    silence reigns.... more »

  • Elaine

    We met in coincidence.
    Internet became the place where we dated.
    I was inspired by her poems,
    feeling like she was a very pure, sometimes innocent but pessimistic girl.... more »

  • Fantasia

    The white horse kept running,
    without looking back.
    The past was disgraceful and lackluster,
    no one wanted to recall it.... more »

  • Hope Or Despair?

    It is November,
    clamness rules.
    After an arduous chase,
    the black horse eventually stops.... more »

  • I Am Yours, Now

    By chance we encountered
    On dates we have caught the eye of each other
    Now we have become closer
    No wonder we want something more... more »

  • Inspiration

    It is a normal Saturday,
    anonymous is sitting on the same seat,
    glimpsing the same scene,
    feeling the same milieu,... more »

  • Learn To Be Lonely

    (the last poem written for cheval blanc, and from now on, ultimately, I gave her up.)

    From summer to winter,
    For days and months,... more »

  • Let It Be

    I sing a song
    and let it fly.
    I let it flow into your glittering eyes.... more »

  • Orchid

    Here is a secret garden,
    just a line separated from the reality.
    It is compelling yet mysterious,
    no one has entered the garden for many years.... more »

  • Shadowy Nocturne

    It is midsummer,
    and the nights are hot.
    Black horse is strolling along the lake,
    trying to delve into another world.... more »

  • Sound Of Freedom

    Starry starry night,
    it is a sweltering summer night.
    I lie on the grassland,
    counting the number of stars.... more »

  • Star

    Beauty or beast,
    Poor or rich;
    just look up and you will see,
    there are always stars every night,... more »

  • Surrealist

    It was a scorching and drowsy summer,
    anonymous was wandering at home outside the balcony,
    spending many idle hours just sitting in the sun.... more »

  • The Bicycle

    (A memorial poem for the 19th day of every month)

    I stop riding my bicycle suddenly.
    I look around,... more »

  • The Blur In The Droplet

    I used to travel between brightness and darkness,
    from the optimistic hope to the pessimistic despair,
    just keep going nonstop.... more »

  • The Fig Tree

    Look outside the obscured window,
    there is a fig tree.
    There is no roundness,
    no fruit in it.... more »

  • Typhoon

    In the boundless sky,
    two different types of air mass,
    waving their dreams in the sky.... more »