• Beautiful Alien

    The human genome machine betrayed me.
    It got me drunk and horny and seduced me
    with Life's burning need for itself
    and I've infected my wife with my seed.... more »

  • Ghostly But Not Undead

    This world does not mean
    what you think it means
    So whatever dreams
    whatever fantasies... more »

  • Love's Withdrawal

    A skillfully loosed dart
    flies from my bow-strung tongue
    straight through your heart.
    More sure than Cupid's arrow long ago... more »

  • The Ache

    Right now
    I have only this ache
    in place of a heart.
    I watched as it formed... more »

  • The Sorceress

    I watched a painter at her work
    dipping and swaying before her canvas
    brushes and pallette in her hands were
    transformed into magic wands and pentacle.... more »

  • Two Fifties And A Tomato Cart

    Two.50 calibre rounds destroyed the old man's head
    there was nothing left in the space
    where once eyes, nose, mouth had lived
    his face was shredded... more »