I found a common bond with my best friend and we enjoy getting together and reading stuff we've written. Some guys play sports, some guys have bass boats or Harley's, we have a writing studio called the island. I love the freedom of the open road, waking up someplace new each day with nothing to do but dream about words. Most of all the road allows me to miss and appreciate my baby, my darling, my wife P.J. Grab a gear and let's go. There is writing to get done.


Trucker Jeff Poems


Before the plow comes,
before the shovel scoops,
holding a breath waiting
for the storm to play out,... more »

Autumn Rose

It's risky being a late blooming rose
to dare to be beautiful
when others appeal has faded away... more »

Haunted October

Where comes the darkness
that would swallow October and haunt the moon?... more »

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