• A Poetic Outlook

    A poet has to look up or down
    if they want to be worth anything at all.
    Look up into the pleated theater clouds
    heading north across the sky.... more »

  • A Whole Lot Of Nothing

    God sent us sad souls to the pan handle of Texas to break our heart
    No oaks, no rivers, , no place to dream upon the flat earth, as a song... more »

  • Autumn Rose

    It's risky being a late blooming rose
    to dare to be beautiful
    when others appeal has faded away... more »

  • Baby's First Dance

    Baby's first dance, while the band played,
    and hands were raised,... more »

  • City Song

    Hail you great city and what do I hear?

    An electric cacophony of noise and noise... more »

  • Cloud Shadows

    Cloud shadows look up at us from the ground beneath us
    while their Creator dares us to
    reach skyward for a touch at them
    The clouds are driven before the wind.... more »

  • Farewell To The Plum Tree

    I stood beside you and pulled at the tufts of jade grass
    that gathered themselves closely about your trunk.
    It was new spring grass and I was feeling oh so old.
    I noticed the copper tinted sap that leaked,... more »

  • Fighting For The Love Of Her

    She came to me after the fall out.
    She said I do and so did I, but perhaps to soon... more »

  • Grave Yard Song

    All around me life still lingers, fragrant earth, shining stone.
    Winds song breaths and rain drops tremble... more »

  • Haunted October

    Where comes the darkness
    that would swallow October and haunt the moon?... more »

  • Hopeful Sky

    When the last tear from God
    has run down your cheek
    and there is no breath
    left in your dreams... more »

  • Hour Glass

    Time is, time was, time will be again and where has time gone? It
    absently slips by. Time is different then I once thought it to be. Time is... more »

  • Joe's Nail Salon

    He put his barber sign up in1962.

    He offered three different hair cuts just to satisfy you.... more »

  • May Snow Fall

    I stood with her in the heat of the day
    beneath a dappled, cloud strewn sky,... more »

  • Placement Of The Stars

    I watched the moon plunge from the night
    A big bold anchor, attempting to catch... more »

  • Snow

    Before the plow comes,
    before the shovel scoops,
    holding a breath waiting
    for the storm to play out,... more »

  • Sunshine And The Wind

    Today I am thinking of sunshine and the wind.
    Have you ever passed beneath a clothes
    line flapping in the breeze, soaking in sunshine?
    The towel drapes itself across your face.... more »

  • The Carnival

    I love a carnival; lights, music and life.
    Sing, sister, sing,... more »

  • What Does Heaven Sound Like?

    I listen to a women sing a middle eastern tune,
    chanting, wailing and she causes me... more »