• Chain Of My Soul

    Every time I slip
    I fall a little more
    On this cliff called life
    There is a choice to make... more »

  • Choice

    This specter in front of me
    Beacons me on, telling me to follow
    Promising fame, power and prestige... more »

  • Convincing A Friend

    In the end the choice will be yours
    Whether to keep on fighting for what you want
    Or to slip away into oblivion... more »

  • Fate

    As I drift on
    I see other figures on the horizon
    All moving at different speeds
    And different directions... more »

  • Hope

    As the flower stands alone in the field
    Surrounded by snow, the dark
    and the cold it feels... more »

  • Love

    Without you
    I would not know who I am
    I would still be lost in the darkness in my heart
    But with you I know that I am me... more »

  • The Fallen

    A star far all those who have fallen,
    Forming a see of brothers watching down on us
    And down on those who have lived to fight another day... more »