• Honesty

    Hard times taught me how to walk.
    Toes of my feet grew sore, slowing my climbing
    But since the sacred duty of progression
    Kept fondling my ear I had to keep going.... more »

  • I Stand Puzzled

    Jail was land of my sojourn
    for a decade

    Now out of it all... more »

  • It Cannot Be You

    I rush into your arms
    for vibrations of warmth and comfort

    I turn my back to go my way... more »

  • Loving You Is Impossible

    I try to strike a relationship
    with you

    The next thing you approach my wife... more »

  • On A Windy Morning

    I know that as I huddle in this dingy corner
    weeping over spilt honey
    some gloat at me... more »

  • The Essence Of Life

    I see a moon in my uncle' house, when he sits alone
    repairing a pair of his brown boots

    And it tells one... more »