• A Crowd Of Boys

    Sniffing, on the prowl
    A girl in a mini-skirt walks past
    Oh what a howl
    Yelling, (not knowing my shame)... more »

  • A Heart…>

    A heart brakes easily
    But somehow manages
    To mend slowly but surely
    Love is a funny thing... more »

  • A Hearts' Trip

    My heart is beeping and so is yours
    Being next to you is like an ice cream on a cone
    We're meant to be together forever and ever
    That's why my love for you is like a pair of hearts... more »

  • Arguments…≫

    You expect me to jump
    When you say.
    But instead a lump
    Starts to form... more »

  • Biggest Fan…>

    When they said you would die
    I felt like I wanted to
    Break down and cry
    But instead I tried to stand tall... more »

  • Crushed

    You don't look at me like you used to, like I'm the only one
    When you touch me it's like you feel you have to
    When I talk you don't listen, but when you do I'm forced to hear every syllable
    What hurts the most is that you just don't care like you used to... more »

  • Crushing

    I only think about you twice, day and night
    When I have my eyes open and when they're closed
    When I'm happy and when I'm sad
    When I'm asleep and when I'm awake... more »

  • Death…>

    When death comes
    You don’t know what to do
    No one, but everyone hums
    Their apologies for your loss... more »

  • Do You? ? …>

    You talk smooth everyday
    But I look at you as if to say…

    Do you really want me? ?... more »

  • Family

    Every now and then we have to reassess ourselves
    Sometimes we have to take another look at life
    What we want
    What we don't want... more »

  • Feel The Same

    Lying in your arms is where I always want to be;
    Smelling your sweet scent
    Listening to your heart beat
    Touching your body... more »

  • Free Falling

    I'm falling so fast
    The world is different now
    I can't see anything clearly anymore
    It's like I'm blinded but have never been able to see any clearer... more »

  • Grown Cold

    My eyes have stopped crying
    My lips have stopped yearning
    My brain has stopped spinning
    My arms have stopped wanting... more »

  • Happy Times…≫

    Happy times come
    Happy times go
    When you're happy
    Everyone is in the know... more »

  • Hate…≫

    Hate hurts people
    It can make the
    Strongest of us cripple
    But when you need help... more »

  • How Would I Know

    How would I know
    You liked me
    You didn't give me any signs to see
    How would I know... more »

  • I Am

    Love me or hate me
    I'm what you think about everyday
    Jealous much?
    I don't blame you... more »

  • I Am Stronger

    When I saw you that fateful day
    I was on top of the world
    Then I heard the words you had to say
    “I f*ed her but it didn't mean anything”... more »

  • I Had You

    I had you in my arms and me in yours
    I had your kisses on my lips
    I had your eyes looking into mine
    I had you caressing me... more »

  • I Miss Love

    I miss your voice
    I miss your laugh
    I miss the way you look at me
    I miss your touch... more »

  • I Miss You

    "Hi, It's been a while, how are you?
    I'm fine, thanks, my family is great. No, nothing new with me it's still pretty much the same"
    I feel my eyes betray what my mouth is saying
    "What about you? What are you doing with yourself these days? Oh cool, so, is there anything new with you? "... more »

  • I Saw You

    I saw you today, and my heart jumped
    I saw you today, and I ran away
    I saw you today, and you didn't look too bad
    I saw you today, and I wanted to die... more »

  • If Only

    If only you could feel
    That the love I feel is truly real
    If only we could see
    The love you've given me... more »

  • I'M More Than Me

    I'm more than me

    I'm more than what you see... more »

  • Just For You

    I'd lay down my life for you
    So all the hurt i'll feel
    And of pain you wouldn't have a clue
    I'll hurt anyone that hates you... more »