• Letter To An Ex

    Why is this hurting?
    Why is it all I can think about?
    What am i supposed to do about it?
    How do I rise above this?... more »

  • Manawa- One Year On

    Forever is not long enough

    I Love You just won't do... more »

  • Manawa's Poem

    I weep for the happiness you will never see

    For the handsome man that will not be... more »

  • My First…≫

    I felt your hand caress me…
    My turn to learn about
    The birds and bees.
    Your hands in my hair... more »

  • Run Away

    I want to fly
    Fly away from this pain that haunts me
    I want to swim
    Swim from the faces that stare... more »

  • Shine…>

    Life is life
    Death is death
    We must cherish
    Every breath... more »

  • The Feeling

    Ever felt that feeling that you've got no one to turn to?
    That there's no light at the end of the tunnel?
    The walls are closing in and the sand is inching higher?
    That there's no ear to listen or shoulder to cry on?... more »

  • The Mistake…>

    We are forever fighting
    Sometimes so bad
    You strike me like lightning
    But you say you’re sorry... more »

  • The Wind…>

    A package blows in the wind
    But there’s not even one kid
    In sight
    It doesn’t feel right... more »

  • Today I Pray…>

    Today I pray
    That you’ll be safe
    Day by day
    I wish to love... more »

  • Today I Want To Try…>

    You said I should I trust you
    But little do you know
    That even the thought is new
    Today I want to try.... more »

  • You Make Me Weak

    How is it after just one word from you, i become mute
    After one phone call, i become someone i'm not
    After one little text, i can be the happiest or most depressed person alive
    After one fluke moment, i meet you... more »