TR Tushar Ray October 31,1939

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'Poets in creative vision live in a transcendental mood Famed in modern science as innate quantum zone When the poet lives in a field of universal connectivity While enjoying its mystical beauty in abundant fun'
Taken from 'The Power of Poetry' Dedicated to all quantum-zone poetic minds worldwide
Behold, the pain of mother Earth is aching the heart of man How can a man stay numb today in this payback-to-mom game?
Taken from my poem written on Earth Day
'In life you embodied a spirit of love and dignity In death you have become a spirit of Solidarity'
In the memory of a child prodigy, the 14-year old Child-Poet Mattie Stepanek, who attained wide attention for his books of poems, Heart-Songs, which became New York Times Best Sellers

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