• A Girl Who Stuggled Thru Life

    A little girl only 8 years old
    Forced to sleep every night out side in the cold
    Got kicked out her house at the age 5
    Because of money her mother owed... more »

  • Help! ! !

    I went to school one day
    With one thing on my mind
    And nothing in my heart.
    I forced my conciens to hide... more »

  • Liisten To His Cries

    Silance! Don't say a word
    Just listen 2 His cries.
    Don't try 2 explain.
    No excuse! No more lies!... more »

  • Live Through The Stuggles Not In Them

    Life is gaurenteed
    To have stuggles
    But their suppose to
    make you strong... more »

  • 'Love Is Nothing But Pain' Is What He Said

    How could you hurt me

    I was so young.... more »

  • My Last Cry 4 U

    I know you always said don’t cry for me
    Because one day soon I’ll feel no pain
    But looking at you suffer like this is hard
    Sometimes I think I’m the one to blame.... more »

  • Secret Crush

    When i first saw you i knew you were the one for me,

    only problem was we never got a chance to meet.... more »

  • Shall I

    As the wind howled at night and the thunder roared
    I felt my heart escape and you was who it endured
    I closed my window and shut off the lights
    To afraid something would blow if lightning was to strike... more »

  • United We Stand Strong

    united we stand strong
    but apart we all are weak
    we make up one big voice
    that brings forth power... more »