Tygrr Robertson Biography

I was born in Seattle in 1970 and raised all over Washington State and parts of Idaho I am currently residing in Wenatchee Washington.
I am a fledgling to writing poetry. I try to write from the heart, expressing the feelings of the moment, in an attempt to capture them visually in words to share with everyone. I can only improve through my perceptions of others and their views on reality. Other than that I live by my moral instincts.
I had been in the Food and Beverage industry for the last 15 years or so. I've been anywhere from F&B manager to Dishwasher. I had stuck with it for the love & excitement of the life. I am now currently working towards a degree here at the Wenatchee Valley College.
Oh yes, not to forget, my Mother and my most personal friends have been the inspiration behind most of my writings. I will continue to reflect, and grow as a writer as I learn the craft and am able to regress to my earlier life, or just spew it from my present thoughts. I will continue this sort of daily log on an un-daily premise. This is no promise but I will do my best.
Please follow me on my new blog site and comment or make suggestions. I am adding poet/writer related stuff there regularly. Follow the link: http: //tygrr2k.blogspot.com/ Or feel free to e-mail me directly @ http: //tygrr2k@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by, Ty Robertson