• (i)

    I was terrified I fell
    I was horrified I tumbled
    I was anxious I cried
    For the fire now that died... more »

  • A

    11 years of age, theatrical young “love”
    Broken by the mother
    Reconnected at 15. Introductions to a friend: A
    Grow closer to each other, better friends... more »

  • A Leaf's Shame

    The leaves turn their heads to hide their blush,
    Revealing colors, red, and orange, as if from air brush,
    Away they turn to hide in shame,
    And hide their green as if a game,... more »

  • A.B.C.E.M.E.S.

    The significance of love eludes me
    Confuses my cerebral cortex
    How could one find love?
    Seemingly impossible... more »

  • Aka

    Have you ever spent a month
    Where there was not a single moment
    When a person was not on your mind
    And the great thing is,... more »

  • Another

    What to do?
    What to do about this
    of topics which puzzle
    my brain?... more »

  • Avoid Finding The Horrific Truth

    Have you ever talked to the girl you love about the guy they love
    Knowing all too well it’s not you?
    Well if you haven’t I present you with a challenge
    To see if you can have that conversation without breaking down into tears... more »

  • B

    Like me: flirting is just natural, or subconscious
    Then again similarities are what I look for
    Inevitably I got for it. Not sure if I
    Really meant it... more »

  • Blink

    How fast time flies
    Year gone in an instant
    One may blink into the future
    But can one blink into the past... more »

  • Blossfeld

    Royals ship
    Sways back and forth
    Lulls to rest those who feel its pleasure
    But for those who don’t... more »

  • C

    Freshmore from east
    Absorbed into the table on the first day
    Cunning and intelligence keep C out of the disaster and rise her up
    Caution and privacy her shields... more »

  • C.C.T.A

    I see me, slumped over in a shower
    Head pressed against the wall
    Steam stripped stripes streak down my back
    Leaving a zebra of red on my skin... more »

  • Demonic-Stration

    My dad is often concerned
    With how I use a pencil
    To portray what is in my mind
    Saying they are showing things one should not think of... more »

  • Domino

    Sometimes I think that dreams tell the future
    I look to them to find things in my mind
    Because In dreams you expect without choosing what to expect
    See without knowing what sights will come... more »

  • E.L (The Cave)

    First day of school-new school- no friends
    Where do I go? Who do I eat with? Where do I eat?
    It’s a beautiful September day, the 5th
    Find a nice spot outside to sit, and eat... more »

  • E.M

    Best-friend’s girlfriend. An option? Not so much
    A nerd, like I, and Lego’s same
    The inspiration to a gift to GFATT
    Studs. Lego studs. Red. Small. Cheep.... more »

  • Face Of Change

    I am a speck
    I fly through the universe
    On tiny wings
    That buzz around, round... more »

  • Fires Of Subconcious

    In dreams you expect without choosing what to expect
    See without knowing what sights will come
    From deep in your mind, ideas and things
    Rise to dreams, like creatures who feed on the surface... more »

  • Gone In An Instant (Yet There For A Lifetime)

    Have you ever known someone for a short period of time
    Yet it feels you’ve known them forever?
    Days with them feel like years
    A week feels like eons gone in the blink of an eye... more »

  • His Gift

    Together the sky and sea
    Moved as one
    Morphed mass
    Of air and water... more »

  • How Nice It Is When The Sun Comes Out

    The sun comes up, horizon east
    The leaves soak up the rays of light upon them
    Turn light to growth, turn light to growth
    Against my face I feel the warmth,... more »

  • Human

    If born without the ability to love,
    Does life then serve a purpose?

    If born without the ability to see,... more »

  • Imperfection Is Beauty

    Beauty, a derogator for those who don’t possess,
    Who prick and pry to look their best
    Only to find it does not help
    To ruin one’s self to win another’s attention,... more »

  • Ipod

    Is I’ for fear I write these words
    To thou whom maim’est mine mind’s eye
    With tales o’ horror that scare me. Why?... more »

  • List

    As of late I've contemplated what I want
    A girlfriend, a best friend, a friend, a “close” friend
    And frankly I'm not sure
    I was talking with a friend today about all of the girls I used to like,... more »