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How I Miss You

I know you care, I know that you are there, I care about you,
I just wish that I could see you, hold you and feel the touch of your lips
against mine. I love you! I cant stop thinking about you. I feel like I am obsessed with you.
Only if you weren't careless, you would be standing here with me.You decide your fate; be with me and live with me forever, or die without a memory of those who you loved and hated. Don't play with fate, don't look for love, be young and free, because that is what you will only get; is the freedom. Why did you have to go? Our love was so young, how I miss the touch of your lip; so soft, moist, and smooth, they are like there almost perfect, but not. How I wish I could kiss them again. I miss how your body was so fine, muscular, and smooth like a baby's bottom. How I miss it so.... more »



I am bleeding I need out. I need your help. Please get me out.. I don’t want to bleed anymore. I don’t want to be desperate. Please help me. Your here right now. Please help me. I need out of this. I don’t want to hurt any one any more. I don’t want to cry out for your blood anymore. I am done bleeding out for people that I hurt, that I killed. Please help me. I am done. I promise I won’t hurt you. I am hungry but I don’t want your blood. Please help me get out of this. I don't want this life anymore. Please I am begging you to help me. The more people I kill the more blood I want. I cant take it anymore. There faces so white, like they have seen a ghost. I am not a ghost. I just want to be human again. I want to love, live and laugh again like I used to when I was young. To be free is all I ask. I wouldn't ask for anything more. I am sick of drinking blood and hurting others. Seeing the look on the face of a human. The terror in there eyes. I just want to be out of this mess.... more »

I'M Just Happy That I Did It

I cocked the gun,
I cocked the gun,
It seemed so new
I'm just happy I did it.... more »

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Tyler Tillett 18 Dec 2008 09:11
Guess what i have the sam excact name as you My first and last name are the same as you p.s. what is your middle name