• Dog's Love

    I feel like hell.
    I don’t know if you love me any more.
    I don’t want you to go.
    You cheated but I still love you.... more »

  • Empty Space

    Im already dead.
    Im not living. I have no beat.
    There fore I am not here
    No one can here me, see me, nor talk to me... more »

  • He Promised

    He promised me his world.
    He promised that I was everything.
    He promised his love
    He promised his life.... more »

  • Hell

    Hell is burning,
    Hell is burning through the middle of earth.
    Would you jump if you had a chance would you?
    If you jumped what would you see?... more »

  • How I Miss You

    I know you care, I know that you are there, I care about you,
    I just wish that I could see you, hold you and feel the touch of your lips
    against mine. I love you! I cant stop thinking about you. I feel like I am obsessed with you.
    Only if you weren't careless, you would be standing here with me.You decide your fate; be with me and live with me forever, or die without a memory of those who you loved and hated. Don't play with fate, don't look for love, be young and free, because that is what you will only get; is the freedom. Why did you have to go? Our love was so young, how I miss the touch of your lip; so soft, moist, and smooth, they are like there almost perfect, but not. How I wish I could kiss them again. I miss how your body was so fine, muscular, and smooth like a baby's bottom. How I miss it so.... more »

  • I Dont Know Any More..

    I don't know if you loved me any more
    I don't know if you wanted to see me any more
    I don't know if you wanted to be friends any more
    I don't know if you want me in your life any more... more »

  • I Need A Smoke.

    In my hand is a bloody pare of

    scissors. My wrists are bleeding. The... more »

  • I Wish Time Would Stop.

    ... more »

  • I'M Just Happy That I Did It

    I cocked the gun,
    I cocked the gun,
    It seemed so new
    I'm just happy I did it.... more »

  • Inner-Rage

    The feeling of fire in my vians feels so good.
    One slice over her throat. It only takes one..
    Penatrating the dead feels so great.
    I am stronger, sexer, faster, and smater.... more »

  • Is It You?

    Is it you?
    My heart is trembling, like a rock slide.
    I miss you, I want you to come back.. to me...not any one else.
    I want to feel your fur, I want to put my fingers threw your long black mane. I miss you. I want you back.... more »

  • Joann Lyon

    To my grandma Joann Lyon, I put myself in her position.

    I feel like to die, I don’t know why. I sense it.... more »

  • Katja

    To Katja,

    mama can i fly?
    mama can i fly? fly into the unknown..where no one can find me even on their tippy toes. mama can i fly? to meet that someone watching me. to meet my only angel. mama can i? i just wanna spread my wings and fly. no more pain no more cries i don't want to die but mama can i once? spread my wings and fly.... more »

  • Left To Right

    Right to left
    which way shall I go
    just to make the pain go away
    the feel of the bleeding that I shall never feel,... more »

  • Living Dead Girl

    I called her. She didn't answer.
    Something is wrong. I know it, I can feel it.
    Her light is on; it is bright, very bright. I opened the door.
    I feel a cold draft coming at me.... more »

  • My Internal Love

    Dear my internal love,
    How I miss thee kiss on my forehead, how I miss thou arms
    Wrapped around my waist, thine hands on my buttock.
    I am internally grateful of thy love for me. Inside and out.... more »

  • New Years

    I feel lonly
    In the dark pits of the universe.
    Im traped.. I cant get out.
    Im just stuck here.... more »

  • Oh How I Love Thee

    Oh, how my heart goes out to thee, with doves fly up so high, wings expand so, ho so must this heart love thee? Once this does so, butterflies flutter threw out this body. See her, see her, how I love to crest thee soft warm cheek.
    With wild, wild flowers, below her soft white feet. How my heart longer for thee. Oh who her sweet, sweet smile is, how I long to kiss those sweet lips of thee, How her darken long hair blows threw the wind.

    Oh her beautiful, sweet scent like cheery blossoms., so sweet, and soft. Oh how my heart longer for thee.... more »

  • Penetration

    Penetration, penetration, untill you bleed. Blood pouring down your
    lips. As you moan and moan it feels so good, extrodanary good.
    The lust for blood comes more and more errisitable
    What can I do? As I screw you harder and harder the louder you... more »

  • Roses Are Red, Violet's Are Dead.

    ... more »

  • Roses Are Red.2

    Roses are red, violets are blue. How am I supposed to know that you might be
    dead too, With this wondering soul not going far. How am I supposed to know how
    you are. With the troubles that you’ve been through, I would also hate them too,
    with all the hatred in your heart, I would also slice and dice there pathetic fake little hearts.... more »

  • Roses Are....

    Roses are red,
    Voilet's are blue,
    I'd slaughter those,
    who touches you!... more »

  • Sangre


    I am bleeding I need out. I need your help. Please get me out.. I don’t want to bleed anymore. I don’t want to be desperate. Please help me. Your here right now. Please help me. I need out of this. I don’t want to hurt any one any more. I don’t want to cry out for your blood anymore. I am done bleeding out for people that I hurt, that I killed. Please help me. I am done. I promise I won’t hurt you. I am hungry but I don’t want your blood. Please help me get out of this. I don't want this life anymore. Please I am begging you to help me. The more people I kill the more blood I want. I cant take it anymore. There faces so white, like they have seen a ghost. I am not a ghost. I just want to be human again. I want to love, live and laugh again like I used to when I was young. To be free is all I ask. I wouldn't ask for anything more. I am sick of drinking blood and hurting others. Seeing the look on the face of a human. The terror in there eyes. I just want to be out of this mess.... more »

  • Satins’ Glair

    This love, this hate,
    Give away the evil pain
    That causes this broken heart to tare
    With the evil satins’ glair.... more »

  • Seasons Of War

    War is dirty, full of sweat
    Blood, tears
    Body's show as morning sun
    Glistens the plain... more »