Tyovihi Terwase Poems

The Search.

My little maiden two years old, just able
To tower full half ahead
above the table.... more »

Innocent Victims

What turns men into killing machines, that blows apart lives and destroy innocent dreams? Look into the eyes of a child and may the pain that you see Haunt you as much as it haunt me.

Innocent lives destroyed by the things that they saw, In yet another pointless and brutal war.... more »

The Wind.

The wind breathe through me
it will spin round the photos on my fridge,
leaf through the pages of these books before
I read them... more »

Tyovihi Terwase Quotes

Some people are born great, but others achieve greatness through hard work and perseverance.
Hard work and determination are the greatest tools of one who want to succeed; don't look up.
'Use every opportunity in this life to burn brighter and hotter, with much light, passion and purpose that you find yourself seeking out more and more opportunity FEEL, to LIVE, to experience life, regardless of the pain you might endure...Because then it will no longer be an enduring, but a feeling of your relentless truth, realness, your authenticity, your soul song'.
Focus And determination.
Rest belongs to those who work, to rest without work is to rust.
Your work determines your worth.

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