While growing up in a home of five, I couldn't express the way I felt.I always wrote everything down on paper. Writting poems is my way of letting loose. I show the way i feel in my poems. Poems are unqiue to me. I writee about what I see or what i feel, and growing up in a home with two brothers and three sisters got really rough for me. so what did i do? i started to write. I knew at the age 16, that I wanted to show my talent but i didn't know where to start. I just wrote and wrote, wishing that, one day some one will see my talent.

so Began to Write...


Tyronda Simon Poems

In My Dreams

In my dreams
Im floating on a love stream
Getting taken away
By his loving voice today... more »

What Does This Mean

Walks to class
Laughter and Flirtation...
These's are the things... more »

Just Being Me

See i may be nice
then i may be mean
but ya'll don't understand
that im just being me...... more »

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