TW Tyrone Wingfield


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hey, you sound like a really cool guy! the dark is one of the most interesting things i love. its alive in a different way... well i don't know about you...but its interesting and mysterious. i use to be afraid of the dark but now i love everything about because i see it in different angles other than horror... about the movie thing i love horrors because they are horrifying and disturbing to others. i laugh at the stupidest things especially in movies like the saw saga. well yeah i'll start reading your poetry and i think yours will be way better than mine because i over think stuff sometimes coz i like to capture detail. yea email me when you get the chance. oh and being a big FLURT is great :) :)
Tyrone you don't know how good of a poet you are...your amazing when you write..your wonderful. I hope one day the whole world gets to see that and bow down..your awsome..~Love Eva