Tyrone Wingfield Biography

Im a small town boy who likes the most challenging way to accomplish anything. When I was younger I hated poetry, all my teachers ever talked about were a bunch of dead guys who made absolutly no meaning to me. I didnt take an intrest in poetry until I met my first love, she told me that she liked poetry but only the happy poems. then I started looking into poetry, It wasnt because of my intrest in it It was for my intrest in her. After reading a few poems by Lord Byron, I tried my hand at it, to my surprise I was actually good at it, I wrote to her literly hundreds of poems all of wich are keep safe under her mattress to this day. Although I havent seen her in over three years, I still talk to her and she still inspires me to write all of my best poems, she gave me the gift that keeps on giving. Now I live in monroeville, which is compleatly contrast with my love for a small town, its okay for the most part but I always long for opean medows and deep forest to climb through. I am an brutally honest so if you ask me a question dont expect me to sugar coat anything. Im a HUGE flirt so Im sorry if I misslead you to believe anything, but more than likely Im not just playing with you Im probly intrested in you but see difficulties in getting/being with you.for some reason ever since I was young I have been infatuated with the dark, anything considered dark or deranged followed along when I became a teen. my room is even decorated with assortments of chains of every variety and handcuffs of every sort. My father the baptist preacher man doesnt like my tastes in most things, mainly because he finds them demonic. Please dont think I am anything near a satanist, I do believe in God I just think theres a little more to things the the bible tells us. Basicly Im still looking for the rest of the puzzle befor I decide to commit whole heartedly. I also have a extremly twisted sense of humor and I guarentee you if are in any theater around me watching any of the Saw movies I was the crazy guy in the front of the theater laughing my ass off. I enjoy new people especially in exotic places, I love anything differnt and my only fear is to end up being exactly like everybody elese. If I seem like type of person you wish to entertain you, look me up Im usually not shy and will answer any question under the moon and back.

If you want me to comment any of your poems comment one of mine and I'll be sure to return the favor