• A Bond

    Sugar coated sayings put in your ears
    Along with promises from sweet lips
    Plans spanning back years
    To see whats between those hips... more »

  • A Touch?

    What would it take to tempt an angel
    Many minds Im sure do wonder
    How would such a prefect creation
    Fall and willingly dive under... more »

  • An Empty Shell

    My heart will no longer beats
    Since it may not beat for her
    She is my last hope for happiness
    So it will be silent forever... more »

  • Annoyed Mind

    ... more »

  • Confess

    Each day I once awoke
    With her name upon my lips
    Now I sit forword and remove
    Dry tears with rough finger tips... more »

  • Dark Twist

    I wrote a beautiful poem for you today,
    I poem with a dark twist.
    I wrote it with a razor my love,
    And I wrote it on my wrist... more »

  • Darkness Falls

    I must return to my evil intent
    I must re-spark that dark fire
    I must destroy all that is content
    And bring back the dark desire... more »

  • Dead Gods

    They scream their names, but no one hears a sound
    Their voices shaking the very foundation
    Despite how no one remembers that they are around
    They’ve been here since the start of the nation... more »

  • Defenses Of Your Mind

    How do I slip through the defenses that suround you,
    How can I get to know you if you never let me through?
    How do I get close to someone whos is so intent on keeping me out,
    I ask these questions all day long and fear I will never figure them out... more »

  • Diamonds

    By my love, Evaughn Gray...

    The discolored snow that lies beneath me, the tears that freeze on my face. My heart that can no longer beat, my hands that can no longer hold, my lips that can no longer whisper I love you. So many things have gone to waste, so many things left untold. The rest of my life has been carried away with the deadly wind that tramples over me. The snow continuously washes over me, like the waves of an ocean covers rocks. I soon become a bump in the snow. My body didn’t make it far, as it traveled through the woods, and thick heavy snow.... more »

  • Do You Remember Me?

    Tell me how was your day
    Since I could not see.
    Tell me how you went your way,
    As if you don't remember me.... more »

  • Dont Forget To Breathe

    Sweet phrases flow from my lips
    While my tongue tickles the back of your ear
    The eagerness in my finger tips
    Hints at the motivation of us being here... more »

  • Each Day

    Each Day I go without her voice
    Throws me deeper into madness
    I am left with no other choice
    But to drown in this sea of sadness... more »

  • Each Path I'Ve Touched

    I've walked many paths
    Throughout my short life
    Some in love and others in wrath
    Some in delight and others of strife... more »

  • Falling Deeper

    Each second passing
    Pushes insanity closer
    Each moment waining
    Is sending me deeper... more »

  • Fire And Ice

    I have chosen to bathe in Fire
    And my love has chosen Ice
    Yet she is my hearts only desire
    And she finds me easy to entice... more »

  • Ghosts

    So many trailing those
    Who were not ever deserving
    Ohers made by their hand
    Usually unknowing... more »

  • God?

    I wonder if He is so merciful
    I wonder if he really had a care
    Why would he give me something so beautiful
    To only have it disappear?... more »

  • Green Eyed Devil

    </>There she leans against the wall
    Smokey eyes, and a ciggerette in her lip
    She'll give you the world and then take it all
    You'll be drowning befor you knew you slipped... more »

  • Have You Seen Her?

    Im looking for the one who
    Could actually make me feel alive again
    The one where I know the love is true
    Yet wont leave me alone, bleeding in the rain... more »

  • Heartless

    She thinks I love somebody else?
    I cant describe how impossible that would be
    How could I ever try to love again
    When my heart is not even within me?... more »

  • I Am Yours... Forever

    Our meeting was cloaked in mystery
    And our love was born so suddenly
    One thing that is plain to see
    Is that I am yours forever... more »

  • I Know Sometimes...

    I know sometimes you wonder,
    Just how true are my intentions.
    I know how you must ponder,
    Just what are my motivations.... more »

  • I Love You

    Every single day
    I think of you some way
    I always mean it when I say
    That I will always love you... more »

  • I Love...

    I love to see you grin
    Each and every day
    And how you could make me sin
    Just from what you say... more »