• A Bad Son (1) (Tomb -Sweeping Day)

    Today is a tomb sweeping day.
    It also is a public holiday.
    I go to my parent's cemetery,
    to show overdue filial piety.... more »

  • A Boozer's Blunder (2) (Drunk-Driving)

    On a busy street,
    during rush-hour peak,
    the cars running at high speed.
    the tyres of them screech,... more »

  • A Boozer's Blunder (3) (Drowned In Shallow Water)

    A 4-month-old baby girl was taken for a bath,
    Handling such a small baby with care was a must
    The grandmother noticed that in the bathroom so silent.
    So worried, into the room, she hurriedly went.... more »

  • A Boozer's Blunder(1) (A Powerful Solvent Destroys Everything)

    I have a very bad mood,
    After seeing a patient on the booze,
    To alcohol, everything he has to lose.
    His reputation, career and wealth,... more »

  • A Brassiere Burglar

    He and she were co-workers
    in the same office working together.
    He made to her a love proposal
    which was rejected as she made a refusal.... more »

  • A Brassiere Burglar (2)

    A clothes line at roadside
    on it were brassieres of D-size
    and underwears of color bright.
    A man riding a motorbike... more »

  • A Brassiere Burglar (3)

    A brassiere burglar
    caught in hidden camera.
    He sniffed the bras and underwears
    if they were good or bad-smelled.... more »

  • A Brassiere Burglar (4)

    Under the cover of a dark night
    a burglar broke into a house without a noise.
    He saw a brassiere and an underwear.
    He put them on as a trial.... more »

  • A Brassiere Burglar (5)

    He was her neighbor.
    One day her bras and underwears disappeared.
    He was found stealing in camera monitor.
    She called the cops to search in his drawers.... more »

  • A Brassiere Burgler (6)

    He was thought by neighbors
    to be a good angler.
    He went to a nearby river,
    carrying hook, line and sinker.... more »

  • A Brassiere Donation Program

    A brassiere donation program
    to give to poverty-stricken African.
    In Africa, many girls live in poverty.
    Some sell their body for a little money.... more »

  • A Broke Boss

    He was an owner of a big business.
    He was well-dressed,
    smart, tidy and neat,
    a rich man everybody believed.... more »

  • A Bus Driver And The Passengers

    Scene I
    A bus driver noticed the failure of brake.
    He asked all 31 passengers to get out in a haste.
    Then he tried to drive to a parking lot,... more »

  • A Bus-Driver And A Preacher

    A bus-driver and a preacher died at the same time.
    The driver went to heaven where God's glory shines.
    The preacher went to hell of fire,
    a place reigned by terror of Satan Lucifer.... more »

  • A Casino Or A Church

    A multi-billion $ Casino buiding
    under the sun..so dazzling, so sparkling.
    People from different social levels
    go there daily to gamble.... more »

  • A Child Laborer

    In a brick factory
    child laborers are many,
    carrying the loads...so heavy,
    in an environment...so dusty,... more »

  • A Child Laborer(2)

    122 kinds of goods,
    that are produced,
    include diamond, jade, teak wood,
    soccer ball, glass bangle, leather,... more »

  • A Clever Public Toilet Cleaner.

    He was a public toilet cleaner.
    He had been fuming with anger.
    His plea to men,
    to stand closer to urinals,... more »

  • A Collector

    A collector of stamps
    regards them as his precious wealth,
    keeping them both new and old,
    at a good price they would be sold.... more »

  • A Crying Monk

    Once there was a monk
    with peaceful mind without junk.

    At funeral, he usually preached,... more »

  • A Difference Under The Sun

    For a poor man
    it is no fun
    working under the hot sun.
    For a regular 3 meals,... more »

  • A Dirty Food-Seller.

    A roadside food-seller,
    visited by no customers.
    His business so meagre.
    He is so idle.... more »

  • A Drug Addict Death

    He used dope.
    He had no hope.
    To it he could not say nope.
    With his work he could not cope.... more »

  • A Drug Addict Dilemma

    There lived in a village,
    a young drug addict,
    stealing small things to feed his bad habit.
    When caught red-handed he was hit,... more »

  • A Farmer.

    A farmer goes to paddy field
    with his buffalos accompany,
    to work with full energy,
    as the chirping birds... more »