• A Fighting Monk

    In a monastery, a fight broke out
    with a lot of hitting, shoving and shout
    by 2 groups of men
    over financial problem,... more »

  • A Fish In Your Hand

    Many, many fish are washed ashore on the beach.
    So vast as the eye can reach.
    An old man is picking up the fish and throwing back to sea.
    His grandson asks, 'Grandpa, how can you put all the fish to the sea.? '... more »

  • A Fisherman Of Man

    A man was fishing at a lake.
    For fish to bite the bait,
    he had patiently to wait.
    Suddenly a woman jumped into water with a big splash.... more »

  • A Gentleman

    A so-called gentleman
    having high-ranking friends,
    including the country's president,
    having a good reputation without a dent.... more »

  • A Ghost Mimicker

    In a recreation park
    there was a famous haunted hut.
    A man wore ghost apparel
    so real when he appeared.... more »

  • A Good Guy Vs A Bad Guy

    When Steve Job died
    everybody sad and almost cried.
    When Gadhafi died,
    everybody breathed a relieving sigh.... more »

  • A Good Son

    He was very fond of watching strip show
    until he got very very old.
    He liked to read porn books
    cos he got to them very hooked.... more »

  • A Hungry Boy And Foolish Politician

    A begging hungry boy
    sobbing in a cry
    while watching the firework display
    as the New year was hailed.... more »

  • A Jobless Worker

    My name is Bob,
    I was laid-off,
    by my big boss,
    after his company lost,... more »

  • A Junky Judge

    He was a supreme court judge.
    In law, he was an expert.
    He had sex with call girls.
    He released serious criminals.... more »

  • A Kid-Killer And A Mother-Saver

    A father and a mother were in an internet cafe
    without interruption a game they fervently played,
    neglecting to feed their young kid,
    to the game they were so addict.... more »

  • A King And People

    Once there was a cruel king.
    To the people, a misery he did bring.
    By collecting the taxes..so heavy.
    Making them live in poverty.... more »

  • A Laid-Off Worker

    You left me all of a sudden,
    Into pieces, my heart has broken.
    Without you I don't know how to live.
    Every minutes is filled with feeling that I miss.... more »

  • A Laid-Off Worker (2) (Work Is Money)

    When I had a job
    I worked until I felt 'exhaust '
    earning favor from my boss.
    I had no time to play with my kids,... more »

  • A Lawyer And His Son

    Once there was an old lawyer,
    practising law many many years.
    As he was famous,
    he had many clients.... more »

  • A Lazy Worker And A Firing Boss.

    The sun scorched,
    the day was too hot.
    For working I said 'not '.
    Then I was fired by the boss.... more »

  • A Playboy Monk

    He wore the flowing saffron robe,
    so devout, so religious that he looked.
    About 'heaven and hell.' he wrote a book.
    In description of hell, the demons used sharp hooks... more »

  • A Playboy Priest (1)

    He looks women with lustful eye.
    He sexually abuses altar boys.
    He gambles at casino.
    He watches the strip-tease show.... more »

  • A Pole Dancer

    She danced a pole dance
    in front of a noisy audience.
    They wolf-whistled when she shook the breast,
    when she spread her long legs.... more »

  • A Police

    My husband is a police,
    giving public a good service,
    by catching the thieves,
    while he is on the beat.... more »

  • A Poor Man's Paradise (1) (Many Stars Hut)

    A poor man's house had a big crowd,
    Situated at the roadside with noise so loud,
    Couldn't afford to buy a new one with a big buck,
    Because never favored by a good luck,... more »

  • A Poor Man's Paradise (2) (Trash Is Cash) .

    Filling in the air is disgusting smell.
    Stray dogs, cats and rats are everywhere.
    The crows are flying to and fro.
    The place is swarmed by flies and mosquitoes.... more »

  • A Poor Man's Paradise (3) (A Drumstick Told About Love)

    Today is a special day.
    ' Happy birthday, Papa ' we all say.
    We are very happy,
    For dinner, we have chicken curry,... more »

  • A Poor Man's Paradise (4) (Pea And Bean)

    Our father is a manual laborer wearing a patched jean,
    torn and frayed at the seam,
    working very hard and keen,
    for his family without running out of steam,... more »

  • A Poor Man's Paradise (5) (A Poor Old Beggar)

    On Monday, I wanted to eat bread, butter and cream,
    but I had to satisfy with vegetable, so green.
    On Tuesday I wanted to eat chicken breast,
    but I had to eat fried egg.... more »