Uche Nwanze Quotes

anticipATE the antics of your adversary and never procrastinATE your sucker punch. Only then you can celebrATE victory.
Act without delay
Better to go through the pain today than to eventually die of the pain tomorrow
Better to make a wrong decision because you made the choice yourself than to make a right choice somebody took for you. Better to make a mistake making an effort than be flawless when someone else made the move for you.
Responsibility, Choice, Decision
Seek for that thing that makes you happy. Hold on to that thing or person that gives you happiness. Never let go of happiness no matter the situation you find yourself.
Pursuit of happiness
Lord, may my adversaries be pranKED like April fools. May i be flanKED by your angels on all sides.
When you destroy the bridge you used to cross to safe harbour, you just may need it tomorrow to cross to the other side.
You have to tell it to someone, you have to share it with that one person. You can only be free when you open the door for that person to come in, you can't carry the weight of the world in your heart alone, you've got to open up.
Life is not a popularity contest. The fact that you're famous doesn't mean you are right.
Popularity, Fame
It is better to have a big mind than to have a big ego or bank account.
Ego and Pride
Music is an elixir for a troubled spirit. It is the oxygen for a depressed mind. The world is in dire need of good music.