Uche Nwanze Quotes

A coward is he who when dark clouds gather will hibernate in his cocoon. The valiant is he who rather waits for the torrents or tear drops from the sky.
Have you ever wondered why the hen is always on the run when the cock chases her but succumbs for him in the end? It is not that she doesn't like to be mated, It is because she wants the rooster to sweat and work for the prize.
Hard work and Sweat
Greed is when you desire the Sun and crave for the Moon. Selflessness is when you allow the Sun to shine not only on your farm but on your neighbours.
It doesn't matter how many times you fall or how many times you get knocked out, what matters is how many times you muster the strength to get up and fight back
Victory only comes to those who wipe their tears, dust themselves, get up and fight
Victory or Success
It is better to make a mistake by trying than being blameless by not trying.
Failure and Success
Never quit or give up because you hit rocks on your path, you just have to keep digging until you find Gold. ©
Don't get drunk with the wine of Pride, or you will be consumed by the inferno of annihilation and gravity.
Tomorrow can only come when you don't get haunted by your Yesterday and refused to get stuck in your Today.
Once you have decided to Exodus into Tomorrow, leave nothing behind that will make you turn back or return to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Decision, Resolution.