Uche Nwanze Quotes

'I am sorry' is economical than Malice. To avoid all occasions that will lead to 'I am sorry' is even Cheaper.
Apology, Forgiveness.
It doesn't matter who makes the first move. What counts is that one of the parties offer the olive branch, whether you're in the right or in the wrong.
Apology, peace, forgiveness
He who says 'I am sorry' is greater than he who bears grudges or who is always right.
Peace, Apologize, Forgiveness, Greatness
*Love your neighbour as you love yourself'* In other words, before you love your neighbour you must first learn to love yourself.
Celebrate yourself like a Hero. Give yourself a treat like Royalty. Spoil yourself a little. You owe yourself a duty to love yourself.
*Nemo dat quod non habet* is a Latin maxim which means 'you don't give what you don't have'. Don't blame people who do not love or show animosity, they simply don't love themselves.
Better to be a slave in my fantasy world than be a King in your reality island.
Pursuit of Happiness
RAGE will only trap you in a CAGE.
The Wage of Rage will lead to Self- destruct.
Anger, Rage, Bitterness
My fears I know. What I don't know I fear not. I face my fears, I lose no sleep for what I know not.
Fears, Uncertainty