Uche Nwanze Quotes

The Dearth of good ideas is the Death of the prosperity of any nation.
Dearth, Prosperity, Ideas
Don't be daunted when your friends and followers leave you along the way. They are like 'Tele' without the 'Vision'. Only those who believe in you will see your vision and journey with you.
Every man has a purpose in Life. Find your purpose in life, Understand your purpose and Pursue your purpose or it would have been better if you were never born.
The Hawk is never afraid of flying low, it is only interested in reaching its target(the Chick) . Never be afraid of reaching your goals.
Target, Goals
The Eagle reaches heights no bird is able to reach not because it is the biggest, it is just not comfortable being below the zenith.
Hard work,
Chickens have wings but can't fly as much as the Eagle. We all have brains and potentials but not all of us are destined for the top.
Potentials, Greatness, Destiny.
The difference between the Hawk and the Vulture: The former feeds on live chicks whereas the latter is a scavenger that feeds on carcass. In life we all have the genius instinct or the drive to excel, the difference lies in the choices we make.
Choices, Greatness
Don't be in a rush for nothing, time will never be enough. Don't be too slow to a fault, time will flap her wings and leave you behind.
Time, Time management
When faced with an albatross I fight with the strength of ten thousand men.
Courage, Will, Bravery
When the task ahead of you is herculean, you muster the strength within.
Challenge, Courage, Will, Bravery