• (4) Haiku

    foggy morning,
    covered from top to the toes,
    like a newly-wed bride,
    sitting silently,... more »

  • Onset Of Winter.

    the sun has hurried home faster,
    matinee shows have yet to end,
    the play fields have emptied the children
    into respective homes,... more »

  • Poems

    all poems should be short and brief,
    short in length, brief in meaning.

    pithy, if they are meant to be,... more »

  • Prayer

    Pray, dear one,
    when you feel one after another
    the doors are being closed on you,... more »

  • Reading Poetry

    the joy
    of reading poetry
    the joy... more »

  • Sai's Day.

    today is Thurs Day,
    Baba's day
    a day to remember
    and a day to cherish Baba... more »

  • The Indian Saree

    ah! the six yard wonder,
    the indian saree,
    i shudder to think
    without you... more »

  • The Morning Sun.

    the resplendent, red, rotund
    the early morning sun
    on the eastern sea surface... more »

  • You Have Chosen Not To Come.

    the throat chokes,
    the mind unsteady,
    the pen, fed to the full, refuses to go,
    the white sheet staring back tauntingly,... more »

  • Your Eyes

    all the languages of the world,
    my beloved,
    are but baby prattle,
    when... more »