• Class

    With pure alluvial, I'll pay a price -
    To the cemetery ferry-man -
    To lead me to the vast catacomb
    Where even the gabbiest are dumb... more »

  • Debtors

    Tailors do wish to bribe the barking time -
    And jump the cue to make a swift delivery.
    Bankers eat their cake to grant a loan -
    And have it back from the sold collateral.... more »

  • I Know The Prince Of Peace

    They count their holy beads with life claws
    Awe that Muham'd came & stood for peace
    Fingered-hands say the Roman rosary
    O Mother-mary, regarding less the Lords Words... more »

  • In The Cold Moonlight

    In the cold moonlight
    Under the Lamped haven, dearth of moths
    Each four household in seclusion sat
    And languished events of their importunate thoughts... more »

  • Least Expectations

    Man proposes, God disposes in time
    The servants least awaited the end of the fattened cow
    Neither did the prodigal's father see a starry sign
    The prodigal tho' his share, had swine meals to gnaw... more »

  • Look Away

    When men seem to let go patience
    And seek gratification as essence
    Knowing of ends rather than means
    Look away brother, and die the eagerness... more »

  • Madman's Sage

    Sympathy alone accompanies my senses
    No father to cloth my unclad self
    My members left unkempt; result of no family
    my tears wept by the rain & not a mother... more »

  • My Sister Mutilated By Wealthy Rapists

    ... more »

  • Slavery After 1960

    Know ye the truth & it shall set ye free
    Oneness should flow naturally not imposed
    Like a green fetus corded to a white woman... more »

  • The Glory Of Death

    My soul smells soft dust
    That do burst the yolk of my wet eyes
    And decay being its thrust worst
    To the host flesh that must allow death.... more »

  • The House Of Heaven

    Ruth excelled in naive innocence
    Sowed a seed purely for the purity of adulthood
    Until the shoot of her flower got torn
    She lost faith & wallowed away adamantly... more »

  • The Profound Man

    It takes a rare eye to see a smell
    Tho' man is endowed with vanishing virtues
    It is the remains not the man,
    That rot in the masses of the mould... more »

  • True Regard

    Atimes, I wallow in shallow thoughts
    Vivid portraits of the event stays
    Sand paths never were ways
    Could there be different devoted salts?... more »