• A Bride For My Son Full Of Humanity And Wisdom

    Most welcome for my son a bride full of wisdom
    Patience, bright sense of understanding and calm
    In attitude and sentiment, being the complement
    Of have-nots, with religious thoughts but prudent... more »

  • A Page From My Diary While On Tour

    I passed my days so far in hectic, being deeply engaged in,
    In career development activities of the students at their teen,
    And now I thought for a change to make tours to different parts,
    Enjoying scenic beauties, land and rivers, oceans and deserts.... more »

  • A Rare Bit Of Smiling

    Sitting on the boundary wall of low height
    Beside the road, at one corner of the ground
    I saw a rag picker's smiling face very bright
    When a leftover watermelon piece, he found... more »

  • A Street Beggar

    I saw a human figure, only to boast of I say
    With every limbs and appendage to feel
    Conditions, no better than a stray dog in any way
    As no worldly materials in his possession to deal... more »

  • A Summer Evening In Champaign

    Sitting at the open veranda on an easy-chair
    On a quiet summer evening in llini's Champaign
    I enjoy the amazing picturesque view of the Nature
    As if She creates it with color, brush and pen... more »

  • A Sweet Word Is An Inspiration

    It's a matter of happiness and pleasure
    For parents, teachers or well wishers
    When their student, daughter or son
    Get settled up in their life with satisfaction... more »

  • A Village Hero

    Hundreds of cattle; buffaloes behind the herd
    Are driven from the pasture to their homeward
    By a village hero of around twelve years old
    Strong, stout, shiny black, happy, jolly and bold... more »

  • Alas Dumb Creatures

    Being stricken by sharp goad to carry the excessive load
    The oxen fell down on their mouths being fully collapsed
    "No moods to carry goods! No mercy to you, to be showed
    You cheaters! Dumb creatures! " On mouths, big blow slapped... more »

  • America Visit - 1

    Page - 1
    Our son and daughter-in-law were very keen
    To show us the beautiful America, of our dream
    They sent us the air tickets by the Air India Flight... more »

  • America Visit - 3

    We visited the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri
    At the West Bank of the Mississippi River in the USA
    An internationally recognized symbol, largest in history
    Magnificent stainless facade making it a tourist bay... more »

  • America Visit 2018

    America Visit,2018

    Life is a big gain it's full of essence, Life Eureka
    Mind dances in romances to visit nice America... more »

  • America Visit: Part-2

    Two Wright brothers in Dayton, Ohio, Orville and Wilbur
    Invented the first flight with their own expertise and caliber
    It successfully glided in air 852 feet high for about an hour
    Created a new horizon in Aviation of USA's superpower... more »

  • Amphan: Nature's Wrath

    Human beings, including every other creature
    Some of whom seem super powerful, super strong,
    Often find, to the hands of mother Nature
    Mere toys, so frail, so feeble to play along.... more »

  • Are We Going Towards Destruction

    The Earth is lack of peace and tranquility, full of unrest
    Humanity and conscience struggling to exist at its best
    Human beings don’t have much patience and good faith
    Good will, good justification are now throttled to death... more »

  • Autobiography-1, My Childhood, Surroundings And Natures

    Having cast-trade of no charm with two acres of farm land
    My father in his field toiled hard to yield with his own hand
    Paddy, pulse grains, wheat, potato, gram, mastered seed
    Spices and onions, the farm productions, family's basic need... more »

  • Autobiography-2: My Childhood, Surroundings And Nature

    With Summer's approach, mango grooves bloomed with buds
    When the bees flocked around trees to suck honey and buzzed
    When some buds fell down and stud, nectar wets the ground
    We, now and then, visited garden when globules to be found... more »

  • Autumn

    Autumn arrives, Nature thrives, with fortune, beauty and charm,
    Brings peace, happiness and ease, soothes as a healing balm.
    Satisfies full, when dry and cool, gentle breeze starts blow,
    Thro' green leaves and boughs of trees; glossy moon does glow.... more »

  • Autumn, Nature And Festivals

    Cold touch in the atmosphere, mind is soft and tranquil
    Dew drops deposit on the grass tips early in the morn
    As if a green carpet with mini diamonds spread over, until
    The bright sun removes the reddish glow after the dawn... more »

  • Autumn, The Queen Of The Seasons

    Autumn arrives Nature thrives with fortune, beauty, cool and charm
    Brings peace, happiness and ease, soothes everyone with healing balm
    Whole atmosphere with land and air becomes so fair with sweet odor
    Pleasant and gay, morn, eve or day, night does stay cool, cool, in favor... more »

  • Basukinath Temple Of Lord Shiva

    Basukinath Temple, the Court of Lord Shiva, we know
    Millions of Devotees from all over the country do go
    In the month of July-August, Bol Bam and Dak Bam
    Carry holy water from Sultanganj to Basukinathdham... more »

  • Be A Mock Prophet And Loot Lo

    Make, of your own, a gang of ten

    And see the miracles start to happen,... more »

  • Birthday Message

    On October Eighteen in the auspicious season of Autumn
    Your happy birth day makes us gay, brings hope and charm
    It's prime time when atmosphere is fine and full of satisfaction
    Nature does beautify land, air and sky with utmost perfection... more »

  • Birthdy Blessings To Our Bloved Dr. Pikee

    Today to us is very precious, the Third February
    Your birth fills our heart with happiness and glory
    Your gain in education with credence and contribution
    Fulfil our expectation, ambition with a big satisfaction... more »

  • Buddha, The Great And His Sermons

    Buddha born to the Royal Family, in Lumbini
    Named Prince Siddhartha Gautama, the only son
    To King Suddhadana and his Queen Mayadevi
    Descendant to the throne to rule their Kingdom... more »

  • Buddha, The Great And His Sermons (Ii)

    Buddha believed unconditional happiness is a state of mind
    And ever lasting peace to be achieved by deep meditation
    Being completely free from all the emotional attachments
    In an isolated quiet place through prolonged concentration... more »