• Dont Judge Me

    dont look at me from those eyes
    don't judge me form my look
    look in side me
    don't estimate the dept of the sea from far... more »

  • My Nightmare

    its on me
    my castle of dream
    filled with smoke nd empty dreams
    a imagination of a hero... more »

  • To My Friends

    we wer like a perl neckles
    every 1 a differnt colour and diff shape
    differnet smiles and looks
    but 2gether wer like priceless dimonds... more »

  • Under The Stars

    And when i put myy head down u wer'nt beside me
    when i tryed 2 dream u wer'nt in it
    I lay with my eays open 2 find u in hte stars but u wern't there
    I searched ur face in the moon but it wasnt bright as ur face... more »

  • Valintines Day Without Her

    babie grl im a one grl man
    dont got no money 2 give
    got no fancy cars or fancy cribs 2 give u there
    u own everything i have... more »