• All I Need

    I'm not asking you to meet everyday
    I could try & bare
    When you are away
    All I need is just some care... more »

  • Days Teach Me

    Days teach me
    To always dream
    However it may never come true
    But that's the best way... more »

  • Do You?

    Do you whisper my name while you are sleeping?
    Do I pass by your mind while you are weeping?

    Do you sometimes feel like you are out of control?... more »

  • Dreams Are Always Better Than Real

    I want you to love me
    Just one more day
    And let me feel those nice
    feelings once again... more »

  • Forever I Will Love You

    Forever I will love you
    No matter what
    Forever I will love you
    And I won't give up... more »

  • Have You Ever Wondered?

    Have you ever wondered how is it like to feel like a stranger?
    Like a fish out of water
    Like a teardropp in a loud laughter
    Like love in a heart of a hater!... more »

  • How Could We? !

    How could we love each other so much
    and everyday fight? !
    Why do i have to be always wrong
    And you have to be right? !... more »

  • I Miss Love

    Sometimes I feel that I miss love..
    I miss myself being in love..
    But had i ever been in love before?
    I wonder had i ever felt that real love... more »

  • I Won'T Say That I Love You

    I won't say that I love you
    because I've said it too much
    I won't say that I melt with your touch... more »

  • If Only You Can See

    If only you can see my eyes now
    you will read all the untold words
    If only you can see through them
    you will understand that for me you are the world... more »

  • I'M Proud Of My Love To You

    I promise you an endless love
    that will never change
    My love to you will always exist
    to comfort you through the hard times... more »

  • Lets Make This World Better

    Why does hate exist? !
    I think this crying world needs some rest!
    Don't you think that life is hard? !
    To live and survive through all this hazard!... more »

  • Life

    Life is so strange
    Nothing stays the same
    Everything change
    But who to blame... more »

  • Love Is

    What is that thing that is called love?
    Some people believe it is a gift from above

    Others say it brings nothing but pain... more »

  • Me Or She?

    I loved a man long time ago
    I loved him
    No matter how far we are though
    He loved me back... more »

  • Men.. Selfish Or Dogs? !

    Why are men so strange?
    Why these creatures can’t change?

    Love them … they are selfish... more »

  • My Little Windy World

    In my little windy world
    Comes my lord
    That makes my life shines
    Once again like a piece of gold... more »

  • My Pen

    Hugging my soft pillow
    As I gather my lost shattered thoughts
    I reach for my pen
    My best friend.. My old fellow... more »

  • My Perfect Lover

    I Love you.. more than you know
    I Love you.. and I'll keep my vow
    I Love you.. and I'll supress my woe... more »

  • My Secret

    They always say
    you're not of the romantic kind!
    How could they ever know that when they are all so blind!
    How could they ever decide... more »

  • No More

    No more love in my cold world
    No more tenderness to feel
    No more beliefs to be hold
    No more dreams to be real... more »

  • No One Knows Me

    Right now I feel so weak
    I know I sometimes act like a freak

    but that's not me... more »

  • Our Last Goodbye

    Is this our last goodbye?
    Or there is a chance for another try?

    Is this our last night?... more »

  • Our Story

    I wish we had never met at this special moment,
    For we won't now be suffering and feeling this torment,

    There is no way for our love to grow,... more »

  • Please Smile To Me

    I would do anything to see you for a while
    I can walk a thousand mile
    to make you feel better... to make you smile... more »