• Jackie

    All the things id like to say
    But staring in your eyes
    I start to forget everything
    And begin to think... more »

  • Never Again

    We lived life like it didnt matter
    Thought our choices couldnt get better
    Until the day you left me the letter
    I threw it to the wind like a feather... more »

  • Searching

    Are you done looking
    I know you cant see
    Have you finished searching
    A smile is where youll find me... more »

  • The Lonely Ghost

    My neighbor hates me
    Cause i play guitar too loud
    Said it sounds like bliss and misery
    With what your screaming about... more »

  • Told You So

    her mind is bruised, shes tired
    her heart tied and wired
    Told you so now im the liar... more »

  • What Love Can Do

    Im sick
    Im fighting with insanity
    Its like a war with depression
    And anxiety... more »

  • You

    I can hear the sound
    Of your heartbeat
    Its such a slow, calm melody
    Can you hear my melancholy... more »