I am fortunate to have been born into a family with keen literary interest. My father taught Malayalam (the language that people of Kerala speak) literature in the High Schools. My mother, though a home-maker, has excellent knowledge in literary works in Malayalam, English and Hindi. Both of them took keen interest in our education.

There was a good collection of books at home, which served as our introduction to serious literature. Poetry, fiction, biographies everything was available to sate our hunger. Moreover, at home we subscribed Mathrubhoomi (Mother Land) , a weekly in Malayalam, that used to dwell on serious literature. This shaped our interests and promoted our talent.

I still read whatever I can lay my hands upon.Very keen on poetry. Malayalam, English, Hindi, translated. Fiction too. A true fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Umberto Eco. I write both in Malayalam and English. Especially, poetry.Some fiction, book reviews, sometimes about banking, literature.

A book of my poems in Malayalam has been published recently by " Green Books" , by name " OZHINJA KOOTUKAL" (Nests vacated) . The book is available in Amazon, the online book store.

I am a banker by profession. Married. We are blessed with one daughter.