• Birthday Wishes

    Beautiful feelings encompass the mind
    Seamless joy on the return of ‘The Day’
    Soaring spirits and rejoicing senses
    Birthday arrives in sheer delight …... more »

  • Girl's Feelings

    Underneath the feelings for your loving father
    Caring emotions run so deep and true …
    Poignant memories convey your affection
    Lingering thoughts carry the warmth …... more »

  • New Year Notes

    Dawn of another year, a beautiful new beginning
    ‘Happiness’ in the air, ‘Hopes’ keep accompanying …
    Exuberance grows as dazzling fireworks galore
    New Year arrives, pushing excitement to the fore …... more »

  • Nostalgic Musings

    Mind drifts away lost in a ‘Dream’
    Memories fill the heart in subdued scream
    Bygone times, childhood days …
    Reminiscences rush in beautiful ways…... more »

  • Ruminations

    Once upon a time I was a student
    Belonging to a school, distinctly eminent …
    Nostalgic yesteryears coming to the fore
    Savouring memories longing for more …... more »

  • To Dear Daughter

    As a toddler you were so sweet & innocent
    Making the dear ones always jubilant …
    Growing up, you became joyfully smarter
    Albeit remaining incessantly naughtier …... more »