• A Call

    She heard a call from within
    Touching her soul
    Numbing her cold heart
    Waking all her senses... more »

  • A Distant Friend

    We laugh together
    Sharing moments
    of insanity and youthfulness... more »

  • A Month In The Rainbow

    A huge arch hanging in the sky
    Sometimes faded but often bright
    Seldom can be seen in two
    But always a hope of every budding creature... more »

  • A Promise Of Love

    One December night in our room
    I was awakened by his soft murmur in my ear
    Then the dim lights turn on as I stand from the bed
    And our song plays enveloping the place.... more »

  • A Song For You

    You didn't glance around
    When two pairs of teary eyes were looking at you.
    You didn't listen to someone's heart beating
    When you vow an eternal love for her.... more »

  • Butterflies

    Wings flapping lively
    In a garden of fantasy
    Any time things may vary
    But this moment is the sanctuary... more »

  • Coffee

    Dark as the moonless night
    Teeming in my lovers printed cup
    The aroma is oozing in my veranda early morning
    While I watch the world unfold its beauty... more »

  • Dear John

    It's 10: 40 in the evening
    The frogs are croaking
    A sign that the rain is coming
    Then a lightning and thunder came rushing.... more »

  • Drowning

    Feeling a thousand grains of sand under the bare feet
    As walking on the shoreline one gloomy morning
    Is telling how good it felt to bring comfort to those weary feet
    The waves are inviting to savor the relaxing moment in the water... more »

  • Faded Beauty

    When she was young
    She dreamt of being a star
    Shining in the sky
    Gleaming like golds of olds... more »

  • Faithfully Yours

    Sleeping on the bed serenely
    The rain pours loudly
    With close eyes, consciously,
    She reaches for him but found empty.... more »

  • Fooled By You

    One December dawn
    I met him
    He gently touched
    My frozen heart... more »

  • Here And There

    I've roamed a bit
    Met people of different tongues
    Sizes, and colors too!... more »

  • I Love You, Goodbye

    Loneliness engulfs me
    The day you made a step away
    My heart is always longing for your comeback... more »

  • I Wish, I Were Her

    Lips colored in red
    Hair goes with the wind as it blows
    I look like an angel in white... more »

  • I'll Be With You

    If I cease fighting my own war
    Don't feel miserable
    I won't be too far
    I'll keep watching you... more »

  • In Your Hands

    Climbing a mountain is no easy for a fragile lady
    Brambles grow abundantly
    Evading the imminent thorns has no way
    An immature heart needs to be sturdy.... more »

  • In Your Lullaby

    A dim house brightens upon shedding your light
    Straightening crooked ideas when things get tough
    Arguments were tone down with your compassionate heart
    You are our sunshine when the rain is pouring on us... more »

  • It Rained

    Clouds in the sky were gray
    Cold wind blowing slightly
    Chilling the hiding creatures underneath, and
    Closing my door when the rain falls down.... more »

  • Journey

    One dreary night
    Under the shade of a lonely tree
    I sat looking at the pale moon in the sky
    Not a single star shines brightly... more »

  • Lightning Bugs

    In the dense forest
    They are the light at night
    Twinkling like the stars under the thick leaves of trees
    Giving comfort to the scared animals... more »

  • Love Me Today

    Love me today more than yesterday
    For yesterday is an event of the past
    Things needed to be done
    Are left unchanged till the end... more »

  • Mentally Well

    I heard murmurs in the four corners of my empty walls
    Day and night only stop if a seed is pushed down through my throat
    But sometimes, I want them to stay with me
    So I hid them under my pillow made of flightless feathers... more »

  • My Tipsy Love

    Your bossy voice rings in my ear
    Your ideas are completely opposite from mine
    Your temper is way beyond my logic could understand
    Yet, I surrender my love to you... more »

  • Pen

    Words hard to express
    Are silently kept in the heart
    Filling each day until it goes weary... more »