Upendra Majhi Quotes

I take so much time to write a quote that belong only to me.it shows We have come a long way living in civilised time, guided by precepts and wisdom of famous people, learning them from books or elders or by sheer reprimand and proscriptions of our well wishers.It shows we have not needed a fresh wisdom, fresh guidelines.3000 years of quotes, wisdom riding the crest of billions of human mind across the planet, in today's world spreading through digital media is sufficient.
Like stars lie alone in the sky.You need to collect them for a constellation.In the planet, more so in wee hours, sights and sounds lie alone.You need to collect them into a constellation.
things lie in collection.
We have spent up our pure curiosities.And humanity has been benefited by those. Now you bank upon children's curiosities, cleverly harvesting those for further benefits.
Don't drive too fast on intellect lane.You will find, lane is filled with emotion humps.
Beware of monkeys around you who have lost their tails by accident.They are trying to clamp on you, their lifestyle .
Life is unlike the summing up of 1 to 50 by the formula of 50 multiplied by 51 divided by two. Life is summing up 1 plus 2 plus 3 upto 50. Both the ways result is same.
life sum.
Love gravitates towards hearts like an object falling by gravitation,32 feet per second square, but rarely at uniform speed, because like object, it falls from above, from moon.
Humanity is, intermittently forgetting that woman is the only medium of motherhood.
At the age of 59, I realise that life is not about riding away your warhorse leaving behind moon, songbird, the tall weed, the cool eve breeze for more money.There was a alternative way of self actualisation remaining with the aforesaid.
The leaves tell wind, blow in symmetry, if blow you must.