• Dust Me Away

    I'm so lost in the fragile dawn
    when the sun is cloud-hidden
    and before the first spring flowers
    have risen from wintry hibernation.... more »

  • Elaborate Mysteries Of Love

    Dripping daisies
    From her blue eyes
    Of myriad dreams,
    She makes me believe... more »

  • Elvis Presley Briefly Happy

    Happiness is as brief
    as a camera snapshot
    that we are unable to fit back into
    once the shutter has been snapped.... more »

  • Embrace A Woman

    The older I get,
    everything becomes
    a vanishing act.... more »

  • Embrace It

    As you drive down the freeway
    Trying to escape your memories or fate,
    I hope you'll enter a journey of self-discovery.... more »

  • Endure

    I've been positively angry at dusk,
    suicidal in the candlelight,
    forlorn and sad in speechless despair
    with no desire to see another human.... more »

  • Enduring Psychic Wounds

    To amble through a desolate city
    Of dilapidated houses and dispirited streets
    In search of jubilant flowers
    And the song of gurgling fountains!... more »

  • Enfolding Tightly Your Sweet Pert Breasts

    When you departed,
    You thought I would be devastated,
    But it was a great night singing poetry
    To empty flower vases that remembered the reflection... more »

  • Engage

    It is hard to imagine
    Starlight that fails
    To fall into your eyes
    Or moonlight that would hesitate... more »

  • Enhance

    Don't live treacherously with an untrustworthy heart,
    don't have eyes as sharp as knives cutting
    spiritually to the bone with jealousy and contempt
    upon everyone you gaze.... more »

  • Enumeration Of Deficiencies

    I seek humility
    sauntering in the night rain
    praying for homeless souls,
    stray and abused dogs,... more »

  • Ephemeral Soul

    Grey Detroit landscape
    Trying to weep;
    Every heart is heavy
    With withering love.... more »

  • Equation

    Every creature deserves happiness,
    to live without fear of purposeful harm,
    to be embraced by love.... more »

  • Erase

    Nine o'clock in the morning
    and the dawn is void of birds
    or any vague remembrances of birdsong.... more »

  • Erotic Melody

    I’ll search for you
    On a summer night
    Beneath a radiant, orange moon;
    I’ll slowly saunter... more »

  • Escape

    Can you remember
    The kind and warm words
    Of ancient friends
    And how they spoke of you?... more »

  • Essence Of A Memory

    Music and laughter drifted from a gazebo on the green lawn
    As the spring breeze blew fresh flowery scents into the air;
    We were at the park and all I could think about was your hair
    Caressing your shoulders in the sunlight.... more »

  • Essence Of A Woman

    Such an excruciating desire
    To live in her eyes like dream
    And to have devotion to the way
    Her necklace caresses her skin,... more »

  • Essence Of Her Ocean

    I’m not the person who walks with you through autumn leaves
    In the old park near the school where children play in innocent reverie;
    I’m not the man mingling souls with the lady of all his dreams,
    But I am the man who desires such things.... more »

  • Eternal Defeat

    Perfect love is ending,
    New existence is beginning,
    Accept loneliness
    And drive on dirty avenues... more »

  • Eternal Healing

    Darkness and tragedy,
    Happiness and light,
    Wealth and plenty,
    Emptiness and poverty;... more »

  • Eventuality

    I've suffered disappointment in waking dawn dreams
    and desired to expire;

    In a previous lifetime, I was a sage with secret messages... more »

  • Ever Being In Love Again

    Desire never ceases
    Because she’s gone,
    Memory returns her
    Tightly into my embrace.... more »

  • Every Dream Is True

    The midnight streets
    Howl viciously
    Like a wild cat
    In the jungle vines... more »

  • Every Girl Became My Sister

    Angels dreamt of my existence
    On a sunny spring day
    As grasshoppers frolicked
    In the soft grass... more »