• Every Girl Loves Her Shoulder Tattoo

    Avoid the circle
    Of cruel cutthroats
    Of the ilk
    Your pirate father... more »

  • Every Jesus Saint

    I admire the hearts
    Misery bound
    In chains of romantic defeats,
    Adore the broken souls... more »

  • Every Lonely Soul

    Cry at midnight,
    Look at the falling snow;
    Jesus is a cool baby
    Who wants everyone... more »

  • Every Woman Who Dresses Like You

    Like King David’s bed,
    My bed is swimming with tears,
    The not seeing you down these lonely years
    Of heartbreak and multiplying fears;... more »

  • Everybody’s Breath

    In this fragile life,
    I burn candles
    In the incense room.... more »

  • Everyone Is A Hurting Child

    There are many remarkable women
    That the boundary of historical years
    Has prevented me from meeting.... more »

  • Everyone Knows I Love You

    On a summer morning, we smile at sunrise,
    Plan to walk through fields of marigolds;
    You have long hair and a slender body,
    You have a necklace of jade... more »

  • Everything And Everyone

    Coming to you
    Along paths of dream clouds
    From my little ramshackle house
    In the tiny city of sorrow,... more »

  • Everything Has Failed

    I don’t remember how many women
    I’ve fallen in love with! !
    How many shoulders I’ve tried to kiss,
    How many lips I’ve wanted to make promises to,... more »

  • Everything I Love

    Dip your dreams in the slain blood society has poured
    In the vampire streets of dying innocence,
    Where hoodlums and whores practice gratuitous violence in the soulless city,
    Where angels never existed and fallen roses from a lover’s bouquet... more »

  • Everything Is Beautiful And Cool On A Friday Night

    If you see me roaming Woodward Avenue
    Down by the Majestic Theater,
    I’ll be humming a song and digging the homeless,
    Taking in the delicious aroma of pizza... more »

  • Everything Is God

    Everything is God
    Even if there is no God.
    Everything is love
    Even if you cry a thousand tears... more »

  • Everything Is Grey.

    I’m lonely today
    In my hometown.

    I walk around,... more »

  • Everything Is Mozart

    At the opera theater in the dark
    I was intoxicated by the perfume on her sweater;
    The evening was racing toward midnight
    And I sat listening to the Magic Flute... more »

  • Excruciatingly Slow-Motion Life

    Lovers get left behind
    In the memory haze
    Of a difficult life.... more »

  • Excuse

    We prayed
    by the river
    and sat
    in the generous sunlight.... more »

  • Exhausted Rose

    Motorcycle summer dawns,
    Luna was magnificent in leather boots
    Riding through avenues of flowers
    In glorious yesterdays gone.... more »

  • Exhilarating Aroma

    Will you forever totter
    down somber streets
    like a punch-drunk sailor
    who has just been rolled?... more »

  • Exiled From Sunrise

    The days are filled
    with wineglasses of remorse
    to be sipped slowly
    in the delicate dusk... more »

  • Exotic Club

    I spend most of my time alone,
    Moping around listening to music,
    Depressed and brooding,
    It is a garment... more »

  • Exposed To Truth

    I'm more prepared for burial shrouds
    than the tenderness of sunlight at dawn;
    I'm more prepared for cutthroats on jagged avenues
    than the embrace of a lover familiar... more »

  • Extinction

    The day before my father died,
    a gentle nurse aid washed and shaved him
    with sensitive and professional care.
    Unlike his son, my father was a strong man... more »

  • Extinguished Candle

    When the night is as quiet
    as a sleeping baby's breath,
    my mind grows curious
    about her whereabouts and well-being.... more »

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Love is a gorgeous grave
    That steals your heart
    With flowery desires and dreams
    Easily cherished but impossible to save.... more »

  • Faith

    Angels swim seas of despair
    to find us as we walk amid the rain of tears
    with umbrella prayers to protect us.... more »