• Lonely Tear At Dusk

    Your sun dress on Saturday
    and the way you move on summer streets
    walking to the market place,
    I thank hidden deities... more »

  • Long Rest

    Everyday I unintentionally play
    the hypocrite and the ass;
    I'm often ashamed of immense insensitivity;
    would never desire too soon... more »

  • Longer Seasons

    This life is a flickering candle
    unable to be sustained in a gentle breeze
    or a golden sunset too perfect
    to ever be witnessed anew.... more »

  • Look Homeward, Angel

    On an abandoned building roof in the tattered city,
    We sat on old stone ledges reading older books
    Waiting for sunset dusk.... more »

  • Looking For The Poet In My Soul

    As I walk down
    A trash-littered street,
    The broken beer bottles
    Sparkle like diamonds in the grass.... more »

  • Lost Again In Separate Jungles

    You are a beautiful woman in a room of candles,
    The aroma of jasmine drifts from the terrace,
    I’ll sleep with you beneath the stars
    And I’ll unlatch the shoes from your feet,... more »

  • Lost Poets

    Jack Kerouac wrote somewhere
    America is a lonely crocashit.
    I scribbled it down
    And my ex-wife placed it... more »

  • Love Delirium

    Joyously we kiss beneath the felicitous blue sky,
    And then inside we follow the sensual aroma from scented candles
    Drifting from an amorous room; the delicious taste of summer peaches
    And slow musical dances create perfect situations for erotic embraces;... more »

  • Love Denied

    Love denied
    Is a death sentence
    Or a gangland drive-by,
    And everyday... more »

  • Love Is Out Of Reach But Not Her Memory

    Swept off my feet years ago
    By her sexy smile and attitude,
    I can never forget what it meant to me
    To see her at dawn alive in the sunrise.... more »

  • Love Is Seemingly Out Of The Question

    I was very much impressed
    By her floral dress
    When we met
    In the empty church... more »

  • Love Is Simply Existence

    Love is as fragile
    As your loneliest friend;

    Love is as needful... more »

  • Love Is Stranded

    She fell softly
    like an autumn leaf
    into my existence,... more »

  • Love Like An Israeli Spy

    She tells me that she’s fine
    But she keeps her real emotions
    Protected and confined,
    She’s secretive like an Israeli spy.... more »

  • Love Never Enters A Casket

    The stars will shine
    Like an autumn night
    The evening of your birthday
    And heaven will offer you... more »

  • Loveless Breeze

    A man returns
    To his childhood home
    Thirty years past
    A high school prom... more »

  • Lovelier Than A Kimono

    She makes herself assurances
    She will not forget
    Her lover’s penetrating eyes
    Lying beside her... more »

  • Lovely And Euphoric

    There is no brochure-vacation paradise
    More perfect than this silent place
    When I meditate in the afternoon
    Gazing out windows onto the sunlit avenue.... more »

  • Lovely Waist

    My eyes are summer-dew wet
    with tears and sunset red
    beneath the fading evenings of regret.... more »

  • Lovers Ecstatic As Butterflies

    You lead me guru-like through dreams
    And hallucinatory visions;
    I have a panoramic-movie mind
    And a heart emanating the supernatural divine.... more »

  • Loving Everything Like Mother Teresa

    Blue city swimming in irreproachable dreams,
    Walking in the nighttime rain,
    No despair on midnight streets,
    No judgment calls on drunks vomiting... more »

  • Lucky Star

    An elegant woman in a long brown tube dress
    Accenting bare milky shoulders
    Gently clad by a silk cape
    Exhaling skyscraper-like confidence... more »

  • Luna, Come Out And Play

    Luna, come out and play;
    We’ll do everything like yesterday,
    We’ll bike ride down twisting streets
    Of the neighborhood.... more »

  • Lust Flows As Naturally As Sweat

    Gazing upon the turquoise-beaded necklace
    Of a dark, mysterious Turkish girl,
    A man slips into mystical ancient times
    Of hidden codes and long forgotten gods,... more »

  • Magical And Angelic

    Sailors’ voices
    Cursing and laughing,
    Beautiful girls
    Walking in the gloaming,... more »