• Magical Essence

    I cannot sleep at midnight
    Listening to the summer breeze,
    I want to walk with you
    Down along the hypnotic river... more »

  • Magical Perfect Way

    I went outside in the cool air
    Grateful for the breeze that said I was alive
    And able to praise everything and rejoice in everything,
    Happy as a lark to join every creature laughing at dawn... more »

  • Magical Saturday Afternoon

    I want to kiss your arms
    On a park bench in the sunlight,
    They’d be sweet and warm,
    Life would begin to feel right.... more »

  • Magician

    The twisting night
    laced with crime and deceit
    could reveal all hearts
    as sinister and unsympathetic... more »

  • Make Everything New

    Electric moment,
    Heartbeats ecstatic,
    I’m convinced
    I can disintegrate... more »

  • Make It Through This Life As If Chatting With Jesus Or Buddha

    express kindness when the opportunity arises;

    smile in every setting of fellow humans;... more »

  • Make You Laugh

    Sorrows gather
    Like sidewalk puddles
    In the disconsolate rain,
    A parent conceals... more »

  • Mantra Of Gratitude

    If girls stop smiling
    At the malls on Saturday,
    If beautiful cats on porches
    And window sills... more »

  • Marginally Content

    Sufficiently alone, marginally content,
    I never try to figure out if I’m happy
    Or where love went.... more »

  • Meet At Dawn And Kiss

    The Loneliness is unrelenting
    Like the endless stretch of highway
    Leading to the city
    Where you reside.... more »

  • Melancholy Ghost Terribly Obtuse

    I walk through river mist
    Remembering the feelings when we kissed,
    Too many days forlorn in a foggy past,
    Abandoned and tossed away.... more »

  • Melody Of The Rain

    Ancient friends appreciate
    My ghost-like face
    That has weathered loneliness
    And the melody of the rain.... more »

  • Merciless Stalker

    When one is aloof from his own feelings,
    He is also a stranger from the feelings
    Of those for whom he knows he should love.... more »

  • Merely Vague Loners

    You noticed me weeping once
    on a deserted winter street
    as you were driving by
    in pursuit of a new destiny,... more »

  • Miracle Of The Moment

    Life is about
    Beautiful kindness
    And poetic desire,
    Praising the candlelight evenings... more »

  • Mirage

    One doesn't normally win
    a woman's heart in a day.
    Perhaps, a lifetime can be spent
    thinking of her shoulders... more »

  • Mockery Is High Art

    The sky is stormy black,
    Even scavenger birds
    Are too disoriented to attack
    On a day void of perceptible light.... more »

  • Mocking Malicious Smile

    We stood on the street corner in the sunlight haze
    watching automobiles wind their way to destinies unknown;
    she was perfect in some mad beautiful sense
    as she gave me an incredible mocking, malicious smile.... more »

  • More Beautiful

    Live in the moment. Experience the present.
    Breathe in the perfume of freshly bloomed flowers.
    Be conscious of the poetry of existence all around you.
    Compose your poems on trees and rocks and flower petals.... more »

  • More Deeply Than Intercourse

    The weird, illogical way
    Of friendship.... more »

  • More Intense Than Antony And Cleopatra

    Big city confusion,
    Dazzling neon lights flash
    Downtown intersection
    Where exited people talk... more »

  • More Meaningful And Elegant Than This

    A dark-haired girl and a dragon tattoo,
    we glide through streets
    of food aroma and laughter,
    gang violence in back alleys of blood,... more »

  • More Submissive

    She held my hand as we climbed

    The magnificent staircase of the art museum,... more »

  • Motorcycle Monks Digging St. Clare

    Riding through imaginary valleys of esoteric thought,
    She flagged me down on Dharma Avenue
    With her long hair blown back by the pleasant breeze of philosophy.
    We were twin souls occupying a dream womb... more »

  • Movements Of Your Waist

    Flashing secret signs

    at the dilapidated train terminal... more »