• Be Me

    I live in a world of darkness.
    Where I hide myself from reality
    I live in a world full of heartaches,
    Tears,... more »

  • Cycle Of Life

    One leaf falls,
    Than another,
    And another.
    All sad,... more »

  • Help Me!

    My life falls into pieces.
    I'm happy one day and the next
    I get hurt by a full sentence,
    Just by the person I love.... more »

  • Hidden Shadows

    I open my eyes,
    Darkness all around,
    Wind blowing hard,
    Trees going back and forth,... more »

  • Memories

    Best friends,
    They can say their there for you
    thick or thin,
    good or bad.... more »

  • My Fight

    I'm fighting back

    I feel hurt and weak on the inside
    I flinch... more »

  • My Scream!

    I am a disappointment
    I think
    that I make people happy
    but really I make them sad.... more »

  • My Secret Place...

    My Secret Place..
    Far, far away from here
    Out into the darkness,
    through the woods,... more »

  • Nightmares

    In my room,
    on my bed,
    I closed my eyes,
    hidden in the darkness,... more »

  • Running Away

    Sometimes I just want to run away
    from the words that hurt me
    I want to run into the darkness
    and just hide myself in the shadows... more »

  • Unknown

    The sky is dark,
    the moon is shinning bright,
    the howl is nice and loud,
    the wind is cold and dark,... more »

  • Untitled

    I don't know
    if I'm happy anymore.
    I should be
    but it feels wrong.... more »

  • What If?

    I walk in a path of darkness,
    trying to find a way out,
    but can't see much.
    I can't scream,... more »

  • Why Me?

    There's a hidden feeling
    a dark, cold, stabbing feeling
    Kills me inside to know
    What it really is.... more »

  • Your Choice

    Bring me in
    or shut me out.
    Take me seriously
    or lose me forever... more »