VS Vaibhav Simha

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Be sorry for who sacrificed for you and also for those who sacrificed because of you.
Of Word Peace and Goodness
Poetry thrives in the narrowest and the shallowest of minds to widen and deepen them. It begins as trickling dew that culminates by growing into a river.

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Recently I had the fortune to read the poems of a teenager which are much above his age and exceedingly high of a teenager. I believe he is a prodigy of a poet. Most of his poems show a maturity far beyond his age. His mastery of English language and range of vocabulary are truly amazing. He can travel far ahead than most of us in the arduous poetic journey! I wish him the very Best!
Vaibhav is a good poet with amazing power on vocabulary which can be witnessed in his poetry. He too young in the ensuing time he would master rhyme and how to fine-tuning his powerful feelings. For a youngster of his age he seems to be a great poet in making. Hope he grows to a shining with his poetry. Best of luck and a thumbs up to the poet!
One of the most delightful poems ever composed by a youthful poet @16 by Vaibhav Simha...It appears you have been trained in the use of abstract words also you explain so diligently Hope all PH will read you my dear a poet, not in the budding but already flowered fully Great poet Vaibhav Now do comment on Moms Smiles.... 399/500 POEM OF mine