• A Teacher

    The hopeful eyes that stare,
    Gives me gift of knowledge and care,
    The creation that God made,
    With time, will never fade.... more »

  • Beauty

    Oh! the wrong makeup
    and the clumsy hair,
    Not the mismatched sandals,
    Just mind what you wear.... more »

  • Discipline

    March on your toe,
    with the head towards time;
    Work with your hands,
    with your heart looking at time.... more »

  • Dream

    Gazing the stars at night,
    We dream of taking a flight;
    From town to abroad,
    from paper to iron rod.... more »

  • Festivals

    Work, work and only work
    We humans are just like clerk;
    No enjoyment, no fun
    Just to see the rising sun.... more »

  • Guide

    In the forest of dark,
    When a traveller lost his way,
    When night was having a stay,
    A ray of light could give a mark.... more »

  • Heaven And Hell

    Towards life what we think,
    Or the dreams which usually sink;
    Is it the verdict of hell,
    or the hope that all's well.... more »

  • How Are We?

    We have tongue, but say lies,
    We see wrong, but ignore our eyes.
    We eat fruits, but cut the tree,
    How strange are we!... more »

  • Life

    The showers of smile,
    and the floods of strife,
    The anger runs a mile,
    As its a part of life.... more »

  • Non-Violence

    The mountains screamed to wake the sea,
    The trees stood to be silent,
    The sun came to give light,
    But the world is still violent.... more »

  • Problems Of Indians

    Workers: We sweat in the day
    awake in the night,
    Body pains, muscles strains,
    All this for a two square meal per day.... more »

  • School Days

    The running legs with shoes and socks,
    The sound of ringing bell,
    The games in the beach of rocks,
    Stories of school they tell.... more »

  • Science

    The world is ruled by Science,
    This truth will be known by these lines;
    By the law of gravity, we walk on ground,
    The human ear can't hear ultrasound;... more »

  • Someone

    Of someone I am talking,
    Who you see while working, walking;
    Don't take him to be a fool,
    For this one is beautiful;... more »

  • Studies

    The dates when kings were born,
    The war which Hitler won,
    Learning it my head pains,
    I wonder where are my brains!... more »

  • Television

    Munching bars and watching a match,
    And clapping on the fielder's catch,
    The latest news of every region,
    Is shown by our dear television.... more »

  • वक़्त

    दुख के बादल हुए घने,
    आँसुओं की बरसात है,
    जीवन अंधेरा-सा बने,
    पर वक़्त चलता ही रहे.... more »

  • सफलता

    हर उदेश्य की पूर्ति सफलता नहीं,
    राह में आई हर बाधा विफलता नहीं,
    सफलता की परिभाषा सही -
    मत छोडो आशा कहीं.... more »