• A Fork In The Road

    As I walk down the street
    I come across a fork in the road
    I may choose left
    O I may choose right... more »

  • A Little Rain, A Little Love

    A lone wilting Daisy
    shriveld up
    like a sun dried raisin
    hunched over... more »

  • Apart Of Me

    As the time ticks by slowly
    and the classroom fills with chatter
    everything begins to go blank... more »

  • Are You Worth It?

    I say Im sad or depressed
    And tell you not to try and make me feel better
    Then you go and do something silly
    And I crack up forgetting what made me sad... more »

  • Dark Cloud

    The dark cloud looms around me
    Hiding in the shadows of pain
    And blocking the sun
    It never strays far... more »

  • First Kiss

    A dark summer evening
    A lonely little girll sits in her room
    staring out the open window
    out at the beautiful moon... more »

  • Hurt Me

    I know you dont want to
    I know you dont mean to
    but you do
    you hurt me the most... more »

  • I Don’t Know You Anymore

    I tap you on the shoulder
    And you turn around
    Giving me a look
    And we start to talk... more »

  • Kissed By An Angel

    Listening to a friend
    I hugged you
    just you typical
    day to day stuff... more »

  • Love & Forgiveness

    You may not have a heart of gold
    Or be a knight in shining armor
    Or be a genius
    But I still love you... more »

  • Love Hurts When It Wont End

    I hear many say it
    'He knows you like him'
    I just smile softly and say 'I know'... more »

  • Love Is

    Love is
    a sincere touch
    a sweet smile
    a meaningful kiss... more »

  • Loyal Love

    I stopped my life to wait for you
    I gave you my best friendship
    my best love
    and how am i repayed?... more »

  • Meaning Of Love

    Do you know the meaning?
    I know the meaning

    The meaning is simple... more »

  • My Black Hole

    People say
    That you’ve made your own grave
    So now you must lay in it... more »

  • My Sun, Moon, & Star

    You are my warming Sun
    A look from you lifts my spirit
    And I feel amazingly happy
    Even on the bitterest of days... more »

  • Nightmare To Fairytale

    A lonely little girl
    sobbing in the corner
    no one would dare acknowledge her... more »

  • Possibly Happy

    Should I?
    Or shouldn't I?

    When it all ends... more »

  • Shy And In Love

    I am shy and in love
    I wonder if you see the real me
    I hear your sweet voice
    I see your twinkling eyes... more »

  • Sorry Boy

    I loved you for so long
    I wanted you too
    And you knew it... more »

  • Tell Me

    Tell me you dont love me
    not to go away
    Tell me were just friends
    not to stay the hell away... more »

  • The Curse

    Some say it's magical and mystical
    Some call it magic
    Some can't explain it
    But everyone has their own defination of it... more »

  • What I Want

    You ask me what makes me melt
    You expect me to say
    Hugs & Kisses
    Chocolate & Candy... more »

  • What You Have Done

    The memory of you
    Still embeded in my mind
    Along with the unforgiving pain
    Which follows me everywhere... more »

  • With & Without You

    A minute away
    Is torture and pain
    This is what I feel... more »