Hey peoples, hope you like my poems. I only put my best on here. Dont be afraid to be critical. Thanks.^_^.


Valarie Paterson Poems

Tell Me

Tell me you dont love me
not to go away
Tell me were just friends
not to stay the hell away... more »

Love Hurts When It Wont End

I hear many say it
'He knows you like him'
I just smile softly and say 'I know'... more »

Hurt Me

I know you dont want to
I know you dont mean to
but you do
you hurt me the most... more »

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Angel bella 12 Apr 2008 11:04
These 4 words changed my life, 'Are you worth it? ' We are alwys worth it. I owe the person who said this to me many thankyous. He may never know!