• A 17 Yr Old

    A 17 yr old girl looking for love
    Has been hurt so many times
    Her heart has been broken
    But she still looks for her one and only... more »

  • A Girl So Sweet

    A girl so sweet
    Calls for a helping hand
    Wishing life could past her by
    Thoughts of finding a love so real of her own... more »

  • Beautiful

    Those powerful words
    To you my wife
    And to them, it could only mean so much
    Between me and you... more »

  • Dream

    A dream that’s helpless
    Never to be achieved and dies each try
    You give up to never try again
    Anther man tried and achieve... more »

  • Dying

    Hating you is not at existence?
    Seeing you smile is wonderful
    But I’m not smiling I’m hurting
    I see you my love trying to work this out... more »

  • I Love You

    You are my heart and soul
    I would do anything for you
    Any day or not I will stay by your side
    I will never let you go... more »

  • Life

    Sitting looking back on life
    Realizing what mistakes I’ve made
    The people I hurt
    Lies I’ve told... more »

  • Lost Soul

    A boy sits and waits
    For people to help him
    He is dying from pain
    No is there except one... more »

  • My Love

    A love I lost
    Than found, regain love with him
    I want him he treats me like no other have
    That’s my love... more »

  • Those Words

    I open my eyes each morning to see you
    This person who doesn’t even know me
    But is laying beside me
    Staring at me each day with this look... more »

  • Unknown

    Loving you is all I need
    Being with you is the best thing to have
    You complete me without you I am nothing
    I love you so much... more »