• ........ On Poetry

    Such princely and linguistic feats
    As penned by Shelley, Byron, Keats
    Though rich and eloquently grand
    Are oft` too deep to understand... more »

  • A Dream

    Today I slipped into a dream
    And saw a better world
    A world of peace and gentleness
    Before my eyes unfurled... more »

  • A Maiden's Plea

    O gentle as you please, my love,
    I am yet still a maiden
    And ‘though I yearn to know your will
    My heart is heavy laden... more »

  • A Poem Taking Flight

    It drifted past my window
    As I gazed into the night
    It sparkled as a diamond -
    'Twas a poem taking flight... more »

  • A Response To Dylan Thomas

    I shall 'go gentle into that good night'
    I have no wish to 'rage, rage' rave and fight
    But rather I would welcome
    'The dying of the light'... more »

  • A Walk Through Paradise

    I close my eyes to find a place
    In different time and different space
    And in imagination find
    A cloistered arbour for my mind... more »

  • After The Rain

    After the rain the air is sweet
    With glist`ning pools beneath my feet
    Raindrops dripping down from the eaves
    Teardrops slipping off shining leaves... more »

  • All That's Measured

    Let go of all that binds your heart
    Unveil your eyes from clouded sight
    Release your mind from tethered thoughts
    Then fly in freedom through the night... more »

  • Alone

    A single rose with thorny stem
    On mother nature`s tattered hem
    Which no-one cares to steal away
    So left to wither and decay... more »

  • Anima

    Swift as lightning
    Within confined
    She weaves her spell
    Into your mind... more »

  • Annihilation

    No more rhythm, no more rhyme
    Out of step and out of time
    The planets in their orbits falter
    Our destiny we fail to alter... more »

  • Another Year

    Another year has set its course
    Within the wheels of time
    With many pathways to traverse
    And mountains yet to climb... more »

  • Apollo Sleeps (Sonnet)

    The sable sky devours the dying sun
    Apollo sleeps, thus silent be his lyre,
    So I shall sleep, for now the day is done
    And shadows fall beneath the fading fire... more »

  • Aquarius

    The Fish are dying
    Polluted our crystal clear waters
    Our once green valleys, choked and grey
    With the debris of living... more »

  • Aspects Of Spring

    See the flowers softly blooming
    All the trees, new leaves to bear
    Nature's beauty thus unfurling
    As we breathe the honeyed air... more »

  • At The River's Edge

    At the river’s edge I’m dreaming
    Fixed in silent reverie
    Gazing into crystal waters
    Rippling out to capture me... more »

  • Attar Of Roses (Sonnet)

    I am the perfume full caught by the breeze
    The fragrance that drifts through the air -
    Attar of Roses soft borne on the wind
    With Night-scented Stock lingering there... more »

  • Be Still My Love

    I saw your tears in dawn’s soft light
    As close beside you then I lay
    Within my arms I held you tight
    To ease you through another day... more »

  • Beauty

    I saw the face of beauty fixed
    Upon the rising sun
    Beyond all mortal compliment
    Her loveliness there shone... more »

  • Becoming

    It was dark,
    I was immersed in a fluid world,
    so small within its depths.... more »

  • Becoming (Story)

    It was dark,
    I was immersed in a fluid world,
    so small within its depths.... more »

  • Before The Storm

    Before the storm the sky was blue,
    As blue as blue can be -
    The air was sweet, so sweet to breathe,
    And you were next to me.... more »

  • Before The Twilight Falls

    If sleep should steal your soul, my love,
    Before the twilight falls,
    Then I shall be there by your side
    When’er the darkness calls.... more »

  • Behold Of The Splendid Ev'Nin'

    Behold of the splendid ev’nin’
    At the closin’ of the day;
    The sun is a-slowly leavin’
    And a-fadin’ soft away.... more »

  • Better To.... Rather Than....

    Better to make someone smile
    Rather than make them cry

    Better to feed someone happiness... more »