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Valerie- I dont know how to navigate the site very well or i'd have looked up your poems sooner- as it turns out, your name turned up on the list of poets for people who also read my stuff- And i'm very happy it did- we have similiar styles, but i have to say that many of your poems are superior- they're amazing, beautiful, endearing, sad, tragic, maddening, and wise- i hope you put more on because what you have is excellent and i hope you keep writing
yo yo yo your boy James told me to read your stuff and I did and I think it rocks
I compliment you on your writings. Side note...james sounds like a WINNER. =) Don't let him get away. Your reparte' reminds me of You've got Mail... she knew it was him. That's one of my fave movies! ! ! Keep 'em comin'! adria
Ok, ok. I'm biased. But I LOVE every single one of your poems. They're awesome. hmmm... is it that I love the poems, or the poet? ? ? =) yours, James