Valsa George

My encounter with poetry was sudden. I didnt write a single poem till 2007. It was the fatal year when I happened to be bedridden for about four months. Obviously I was quite depressed. To while away my time, I started scribbling something and I felt what I wrote made sense and that was my first poem-The Great Escape. It was making myself convinced that my life was not meant to be languished in despair. It had such poignancy and depth of it came directly from my heart!

Sensitive by nature, small things can excite me. Nature with her myriad faces has been my greatest inspiration. I am tied down to my family and with moderate comforts, I am happy in life. Retired from a college as a teacher, now I devote a good deal of time in reading and writing poems.

Poem Hunter and the friendship it has extended, I treasure as one of my greatest assets. I feel that each poet has something to speak directly to the world. Unfortunately we poets are a discarded clan. But once we are into poetry, we know how gratifying it is to be a poet.
I express my deep debt of gratitude to all my poet friends who encourage and applaud my poems and inspire me!


Quotes (3)

'Jealousy is the outcome of one's own sense of ineptitude. It leads to dislike and hatred and does more harm to those who have it than on whom it is directed!
Valsa George
'Fools hasten to defeat others and establish victory. But they do not know that the greatest victory is victory over oneself... one's impulsive instincts'
valsa George
' One's true colour comes out not in friendship but in enmity'
Valsa George

Comments (119)

I found your poem 'Tomorrow...tomorrow' from August 2016. The words are so inspiring and I would love to use them in a video going out to our 100,000 subscribers. My email is sarahtherunningchannel - please send me an email and we can discuss. Thank you for your beautiful words.
You're the poet I have most read of, and never once did I feel regretful. To conjecture candidly, I enjoy your poetry more than that of others. Your criticism, veiled by a mien of elegance, surely does enrapture me. How kindly you take others' suggestions, not accosting it like a few! Truly, a marvellous, quintessential poet. I'm awestruck by your humility.
Poetess Valse George is adorable poet and without doubt she deserves place among top 500 poets. Congratulations for she enchants us with her magnificent poetry creating vivid images on our minds. She has miraculous power when she touch love verse. It's not all whatever she touches she leaves with a golden ink. It's a wonder and splendor to this poet's work as it's my cup of tea!