Valsa George Comments (110)

Her poetry stands tall, distinct and distinguished carrying engaging fragrances in each of her works. I am a great fan of her poetry. Among her several outstanding poems, I have visited her two best poems entitled, ‘Poet’ and ‘To My Anonymous Lover’ several times. Pray God to increase her tribe!
Valsa George is an accomplished poet and a great reviewer. She reads works of her fellow poet friends with great interest and offers gracious comments. She has an excellent command over English language-a highly admired resource person of Poem Hunter.
Poems of Valsa George are very special to us and many of the readers. Her poems greatly motivate both workforce and workplace. She is a nice and an excellent poetic management mentor who has full power over expression of English language. Her poems are very sweet, pleasing and peaceful. When we read, we feel inner calmness. This is her true greatness and specialty.
She deserves a place high above the contemporary Indian poets in English. I am attracted by the unfathomable depths of her poems and the beauty of expression and to the universality of the subjects of her selection. Her attitude and approach to the fellow poets are unparallelled. I sincerely wish all success in her life
A great poetess with virtuous Nature..God bless you...and be the greatest one of our land.
Wow.....! I feel humbled.......! Thank you so much Bharati.....!
When I read your poems, I become awestruck by their beauty and depth.You truely are a legendary star and I bow to your great writing.
Mahtab, my sweet fellow poet Your words have given me such delight You have a heart big enough to appreciate Your encouragement, my confidence does inflate Your words have made me all the more humble In the warmth of those words, let me snuggle Sweet friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart For filling me with the fuel to have a fresh start!
Valsa George, the respected and reverend poetess of this literary sit. The below is my little effort and I wish her greatness- Versatile genius she is Anchor for me like novice, Literature is her pure veins Savant can only know her fame Aureole Scholar is her name Gracious her reviewing Extricates my writings, Optimistic her sagacity Remodels my ability, Greet I here great hearted pen Exactness let be our heaven.
Valsa George name of ABSOLUTE limerick writer