Valsa George Quotes

'Jealousy is the outcome of one's own sense of ineptitude. It leads to dislike and hatred and does more harm to those who have it than on whom it is directed!
Valsa George
'Fools hasten to defeat others and establish victory. But they do not know that the greatest victory is victory over oneself... one's impulsive instincts'
valsa George
' One's true colour comes out not in friendship but in enmity'
Valsa George
'Our words have the power to heal or mar So check out each word to see if they scar Use them never as tools to sneer But as balm for men who wear and tear'
From the poem Nuggets of Wisdom - On Words By Valsa George
'Know, a true friend has no deceit And a truly learned has no conceit'
From the poem What Life Teaches by Valsa George